The Angel Sessions

Wings of light, unconditional love, inspiration, protection - these are just a few of the ideas we associate with angels.  Some of us discovered angels through childhood experiences, while others met them later in life.  They are our protectors, companions, and connection to the Divine.

Through the Angel Sessions, you can connect to the presence and guidance of your Guardian Angel, Archangels, or other Angelic companions.

Everyone is unique, therefore no two Angel Sessions are the same.  Jessica will use Angel Oracle Cards and her mediumship abilities to connect to your Angelic team to bring through messages of hope, love, reassurance and guidance.

The Angel Sessions aren’t about predicting the future.  They are about clearly seeing where you are in the present moment, identifying your challenges and getting action steps to help you continue on your journey.

These sessions are offered by phone, video chat, or email.  Please feel free to email Jessica for more details about how your Angels could help you.


Connect to Your Angelic Guardians


Phone & Video Chat Sessions

These sessions are offered in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 60 minute blocks.  We connect to your Angelic team and you can choose to use this time however you want.  It can range from help with specific challenges and situations to more open style of guidance, where we look at the general areas of your life (home, career, family) and ask for Angelic guidance in each. 


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The Present

These readings focus on the present moment.  We can look briefly at where you are now with a specific situation and how to navigate forward or you can choose to focus on your strengths and gifts and get insight on what challenges you are currently facing and how to make them work for you.

Angelic Guidance

These sessions are perfect for someone looking for greater insight into a particular situation or someone who wants to get clarity on the present moment and their current strengths and challenges.  These sessions finish with guidance from your Angels, your Higher Self, and your Spirit Guides.

The Life Review

These sessions are perfect when you feel like all areas of your life need to be looked at: your home or family, relationships or romantic life, and your career or life purpose.  You get an overview of each area with specific advice from your Angels on how to move forward and continue to grow.

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