Angel Prayers Oracle

Angel Prayers Oracle

A Featured Deck Review

An ongoing series exploring Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards.

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I wanted to review an Angel Oracle deck this month because a lot of people ask, “What deck is right for me?”  There are A LOT of Angel Decks out there.  I know I haven’t seen or worked with all of them, but I have worked with quite a few.  Some are good, some are awful, and some are confusing.  So when I recommend a deck, I want it to be really good, easy to use, and really able to dig in there and address all parts of life - not just the fluffy ones.  While I can’t say that Angel Prayers Oracle by Kyle Gray is perfect for everyone, I can say “This is one amazing deck!”

I stumbled upon Gray through Hay House’s UK site.  He’s young - in his 20s - and doing some really great work.  I’m just sad he lives so far away.  I’d love to work with him one day.  He’s got a fresh take on the whole angel scene and a really approachable energy, which is reflected in this deck.

The Angel Prayers Oracle was produced by Hay House, and recently I’ve been having a lot of problems with their cards sticking together (like glued together) and not spreading well.  Unfortunately, this deck had the same problem.  The cards were so glued together it took me forty-five minutes to serparate them and there was a little damage to some of them.  They also don’t spread well - but I’m hoping lots of use will fix this issue.  It’s worth all the trouble because these cards produce astonishing results, even right out of the box. They are now my go to angel cards - and that’s saying something.

The images on the Angel Prayers Oracle are beautiful, with a kind of contemporary and modern feel.  Vivid colors, updated Archangels, diverse imagery - I love it.  If you are looking for the traditional Doreen Virtue-esque images, then this deck isn’t for you.  I was looking for something different and this deck really fit the bill. 

There’s a nice selection of Archangels in the deck and really nice variety to the card meanings.  The deck comes in a Hay House standard hard covered box, which it makes it easy to store. Gray included a great booklet to go with it.  In the booklet Gray really emphasizes using your intuition along with the written meanings in the booklet.  The deck is designed to give you leeway in interpreting the cards.  There’s also layouts for you to use and information on how to clear and charge your cards appropriately.  If you had never, ever touched an oracle deck before, this booklet gives you all the information you would need to get started.

Usually when I get a new deck, I need to really spend time with it for it to heat up and give spot on readings. I cleared, attuned, and flipped through Angel Prayers Oracle, then decided to give it a whirl.  The first reading out of the box was one of the most accurate Angel Card readings I’ve ever drawn for myself.  I had to close my mouth because my jaw dropped open.  Readings with this deck have been consistently accurate ever since, for a variety of people and questions. 

If you are tired of the same old deck or maybe feeling like some of the new decks that are coming out don’t have that X factor, then buy Gray’s Angel Prayer Oracle. You won’t be disappointed. 

I’ve included a few of the images from the deck so you can see the illustrations.  I’m a huge picture person and the cards need to visually appeal to me so we can work together. If these images are not your thing, I’ll be reviewing other Angel decks in the future which may appeal to you more.

Would you like to see a reading with the Angel Prayers Oracle?  Angel and Oracle Card sessions and all of my email readings are available with this deck.  

More information about Kyle Grey or visit Hay House to purchase.

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