Adventures of the Soul

Adventures of the Soul

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I have had a lot of clients come in recently and ask about what happens after we die.  It's not a light question and there are as many answers out there as there are people.  So, of course, I felt compelled to go on a book hunt to find something that would be approachable and good for people just starting out on their journey to finding their Truth. 

Adventures of the Soul by James Van Praagh, was exactly what I was searching for.  It's interesting how this book found me.  You see, I had already downloaded it on my iPad months ago when it first came out and had promptly forgotten about it.  Something kept nudging me to look on my iPad and there it was.  I wasn't even sure what it was about when I began reading it, and I definitely didn't know it was what I had been looking for.  It captured my attention within the first few pages and I couldn't put it down.

If you've never read a book by Van Praagh, you're in for a treat.  He has an easy and approachable style of writing and a nack for simplifying very complex things into understandable terms without losing any important details.  

He broke the book down into three sections: "What is the Soul?", "The Soul's Home", and "How the Soul Lives in the Physical".  There are also guided meditations in the back.  Some of this information may be repetitive to those who have read about the Other Side in different books, but Van Praagh's explanation of it definitely warrants a read through.  Within the sections, he addresses the different levels of the Other Side, Near Death Experiences, Reincarnation, and Soul Lessons to name just a few.

There are many great things about this book, but one of my most favorite things is the Soul Lesson chapter.  It breaks down different challenges like addiction, abuse, grief, or health that we face and has a brief description of what we may be trying to learn when we set ourselves up for these challenges.  

For example, let's say you've been dealing with a lot of Change in your life.  The lesson could be, "New soul adventures and opportunities for growth cannot happen in a stagnant environment. Know that you are always safe and protected when outside your comfort zone."  I love how Van Praagh can give you a different perspective that is positive on something that could be overwhelming.

Van Praagh's warmth and healing nature shine through on every page.  I highly recommend this read, especially for those just starting to learn.  I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book:

Now, my insights may be different from what you’ve heard or what you accept in your heart, so if what I say feels right, take it in as food for thought. If it doesn’t resonate with you, think about it and continue your research. Either way, I hope it stirs up a sense of curiousness on your part.
— James Van Praagh, Adventures of the Soul

You can learn more about James Van Praagh, purchase "Adventures of the Soul" or get it from your local library.

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