Forgiveness, Choices and Taking Care of Yourself

Forgiveness, Choices and Taking Care of Yourself

A Twelve Month Forecast Reading


A twelve month forecast reading for 2015


2015 is shaping up to be a great year!  The themes are forgiveness of self, making loved based choices and taking care of yourself! Take a peek to see what’s in store from the Angels and Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers Oracle deck in this month by month reading exploring the energy of the coming year.

Honour Your Beauty - Archangel Jophiel


Honor Your Beauty

So often when we make New Year’s resolutions, we vow to fix or change something.  Archangel Jophiel is here to remind you that you are beautiful just as you are.  Instead of looking to change something, look to enhance your life with healthy food choices, movement, laughter and joy.  Make this the best year yet by starting it off with loving choices not critical ones.

Miracle of Prayer - Archangel Sandalphon


Miracle of Prayer

Ask for some help this month.  Maybe you’re frustrated by the lack of movement towards your goals.  Maybe winter has got you down.  Either way ask Archangel Sandalphon to help lift up your prayers to the Divine Spirit.  You will be amazed at the miracles that occur when you do.

Take Time to Breath - Angel Prayers Oracle


Take Time to Breathe

Take advantage of spring break and find time to relax.  Get outside and look for spring plants and shoots.  Maybe go on a long weekend somewhere, schedule a day at the spa or read a good book by the fire.  Just take time to stop, breathe and smell the flowers

Shine Your Light - Archangel Uriel


Shine Your Light

Spring is here and it's time dust yourself off and shine your light brightly.  Get out and spread your love and light whatever you go.  Give out extra smiles to everyone you meet.  After all winter is done and spring has arrived!

Manifesting Miracles - Archangel Orion


Manifesting Miracles

Take time to clean house on your thoughts this month because the manifesting energy is through the roof!  You only want to manifest positive loved filled things so use affirmations that support that.  Looking for a new job or maybe a new path?  This is the month to start envisioning what those changes would look like fully developed.  All dreams are possible this month so shoot for the stars

Move Your Body - Angel Prayers Oracle


Move Your Body

Get out there and get moving.  Summer is here and the weather is beautiful, so there's no excuse for you to be hiding out.  Your Soul needs movement and now is the time. Take a walk, work in the garden, go to the beach - just get moving!

Take a Step Back - Angel Prayers Oracle


Take a Step Back

It's time to make sure you are surrounded with loving people and energy.  If you find yourself with harsh energies all around you take a step back and get some perspective.  There's no need to subject yourself to negativity.  Life is too short!

Peaceful Warrior - Archangel Ariel


Peaceful Warrior

It's all about staying peaceful and love filled this month.  If you feel like you need to stand up for yourself or defend your position take a deep breath and make sure it's coming from a loving place and not an ego filled one.  Then find the words that communicate what you need and the other person will listen and be able to actually hear you.

Don't Hate, Meditate - Angel Prayers Oracle


Don't Hate Meditate

Back to school is stressful!  Don't get angry and frustrated about all the new demands and schedules.  Meditate, do yoga - anything that grounds you and keeps the crankiness at bay.

Healthy Choices - Angel Prayers Oracle


Healthy Choices

Why wait for the new year when you can start now?  Get healthy choices in place before the holidays.  You won't feel so down on yourself, when you want to indulge.  It takes a while for a new habit to set in, so instead of playing catch up, get ahead of the game.

You Are Protected - Archangel Michael


You are Protected

And Archangel Michael is the guy to do it!  As the days get shorter and it gets colder, we can feel like we've been left out in the cold.  Ask Michael to wrap his wings around you to help you feel loved, safe and protected.  His light will brighten up your month up, but only if you ask

Loved One in Heaven - Angel Prayers Oracle


Loved One in Heaven

With the holidays here, we miss our loved ones more than ever.  However, they are only a thought away.  Take some time in a quiet place to feel those that you miss.  Know they are here and we can feel them if we give our selves the time and space to do so.

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