Monthly Reading for October 2015

monthly reading

for October, 2015

Part of Jessica's ongoing series of daily, weekly and seasonal readings.

October always reminds me of Halloween. I can't help it! October's reading uses the Ghosts and Spirit Tarot by Lisa HuntThough the images are a little dark, I thought it would be fun to tap into that Halloween energy for this month's reading. Enjoy!

Overall feel: The Tower
With all the vibrational changes from last month's lunar event, it's no surprise that this month is about the breakdown and getting rid of what no longer serves you. It's time to clear the old stuff out and make room for new beginnings.  Though the Tower seems scary at first, it's actually a blessing.  Yes, a lot of change can feel overwhelming at times, however the card is giving you a heads up.  If you know change and upheaval are headed your way, you are ready for it. You can prepare yourself to rebuild stronger than before. Sometimes, it helps makes the change just a little bit easier to handle. 

Week one: Chains
What's holding you back? This week identify what's chaining you to the old vibration.  Once you are able to figure out what has been keeping you from moving forward in life,  you will have a much easier time releasing yourself from it.  It's worth taking time this week to meditate or journal about what you think is keeping you stuck.

Week two: The Fool
The Fool appears to remind us to have courage when taking the next leap in life.  He also bridges us during times of trying and, possibly, difficult transitions.  You must take a leap of faith to get to the next phase.  Having done your work last week by identifying what needs to be released, this week you are actually taking the steps to release it.

Week three: Seven of Swords
Don't try and take shortcuts to healing this week.  It will only set you back.  It's important that you take the time to think things through and have an action plan.  It may seem like a lot of work but it will payoff in the long run.

Week four: Three of Wands
Finally, peace and accomplishment arrive at your door.  All that hard work pays off.  Keep this card in the forefront of your mind, as you move through the month.  It's important that you know success is waiting for you and it can serve as inspiration during days that aren't going as smoothly as you'd like them to.


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