Change: Finding the Highest and Best

Change: Finding the Highest and Best

Adventures in Mediumship

Shifting and Uplifting Our Lives Amid Change

Change is in the air.  Winter is changing into Spring.   The robins have returned, the squirrels are chasing each other across the yard.  There is a palpable sense of excitement and potential.  You can feel the tress getting ready to bud and the wind is becoming warmer.  The changing of seasons is exciting.  We look forward to resuming activities that we left behind with the first snow fall.  Getting outside and discovering your favorite flower has decided to push through or your favorite tree has started to get leaves.  We naturally get excited about what’s to come each season change because there is something unique we love about each season.  Besides we can’t stop the seasons changing can we?  We go with it and find something positive to focus on.  So why is it that we all go with the flow on the changing of seasons, but when there is change in our everyday lives we resist it?

Recently, I ran into this situation in my own life.  We’ve had quite a bit of change in our house recently.  I found myself saying, “Well, you can freak out about this and make it difficult for everyone or you can hit the “I believe” button and trust what your guides are doing and what you set up for yourself.”  I took the easy route and didn’t fight it. 

What was the change you ask?  Well my husband’s job is moving us to Mobile, Alabama.  It was completely unexpected and I didn’t see it coming.  My husband thought it was funny that his “psychic wife” didn’t see it coming.  Sometimes our “team” doesn’t let us see what’s coming because we would just freak out and fight it longer or try and change it.  It was the very last minute when we found out about it and I just had to say “ok” and go with it.  Do I have any idea WHY we are moving there?  Nope.  Do I know WHAT I will be doing down there?  Nope.  Instead, I told my guides - “Ok guys, make this work and catch me up when you’ve figured it out.”  And then I started shop around for houses and schools.  I still don’t know how it will all work out, but I trust that it will.  There must be something pretty amazing waiting for me there. 

When I moved to Cape Cod 4 years ago, I had no idea what was in store for me.  And that turned out to be better than anything I could’ve ever dreamed of!  So I will trust that Alabama will be the same.  It’s completely outside my comfort zone and that’s what makes it so great.  I cannot wait to learn what’s waiting for me down there. (On the upside, I definitely won’t have to go through another winter like this down there! That already makes it look amazing and inviting…)

How we handle change is unique to each of us.  Should we just go with the flow?  Should we just accept what’s happening and make the best of it?  In theory, yes.  We should.  However, that’s not exactly how it always works out.  For some reason, many times fear surrounds change for us. That’s what this blog article is about: How to handle change or how to make decisions that are for our highest and best.  Sure you could go to a psychic or medium and have them get insight for you, but wouldn’t it be great if you had tools to use for yourself?  We rarely tune into ourselves.  We rarely take the time to stop and look inward, trust our intuition.  You may not know how and I’m going to give you a few fun things to play with the next time change and decisions are at your door.

My life is constantly full of change and I use each and every one of these suggestions when I know change is coming down the line.  Besides, with Spring on the way, change is sure to follow right behind it. So let’s get started.

It’s time to put the power back into yourself.  Learn to trust yourself again.  Learn to hear that inner voice.  Rather then turn outward for answers, turn inwards.  So, how do you do that?

There are two types of change: change we can control and change we cannot.  Let’s start with change we can control.  This kind consists of choices we have to make or decisions that have to be determined.  Do I take this job or not?  Do I sell my house or not?  Do I stay in this relationship or not?  There are various techniques we can use to help us make the decision that’s for our highest and best.

Signs: You can ask your guides for help and then keep a look out for signs.  This can pop up like coincidences.  You were just thinking about that topic when someone mentions a way you can pursue that out of the blue.  Or perhaps you were thinking about taking a trip or starting a class and you get an email or see a book that has more information.  There are no coincidences!  This is a sign.  

For me, they pop up in threes.  For example, I was thinking about going away for a week to get a very expensive certification.  Within 48 hours of me asking my guides if I should do this, 3 separate people who had no idea I was pondering it, had made comments about how expensive certifications can be great but really the greatest forms of healing come from inside you and you don’t need a certification for that.  Needless to say, I never pursued it.  It’s not that I won’t ever learn that information, it will just be in a different way or at a different time.

Mediate:  Yes, meditation.  I know some of you will sigh and say, I can’t mediate!  I can’t get my mind to quiet down or I just don’t have the time.  I’ll let you in on a secret - I’m not great at emptying my mind.  It’s a challenge.  A lot of the time I get quiet and start to empty and my guides pop in wanting to discuss important topics.  Meditation is more about quieting yourself down, breathing, and becoming relaxed enough to receive the information you need.  Some of you will be able to empty your minds completely and when you come out of meditation you will just “know” what you should do.  Some of you will settle in and relax and “hear” the answer.  And some of you may not ever empty or get settled in, but you’ve slowed yourself down enough and you’re able to think at it from a new angle.  Any way you do it is the best.  So don’t judge and just relax.

Divination:  Let me give a few words of advice on divination.  If you are going to pursue this venue, I HIGHLY suggest that you have taken a class or workshop on how to properly do it.  You cannot just pull your pendulum out and start asking questions.  You’ll just get jibberish or bad advice.  You need to understand how it works and how to do it in a productive and safe method.  If you want to use this method, then some venues for this would be tarot or oracle cards, runes, pendulums, or you could even get a psychic reading from a professional.  

When I use these systems of divination I’m taping into yours or my spirit or animal guides, angels, archangels, or crossed over loved ones.  I’m hoping that when you do it, that’s who you are tapping into as well.  Your Guides will be the most helpful in regards to making choices.  They are a group of entities that are completely tapped into you for your highest and best.  There are other “people” you can tap into but your Spirit Guides and Animal Guides and Angels are working solely for you and were there when you were planning all this - so tap into that amazing wealth of knowledge.
Technique to Help

Weigh Out the Options:  One of the best ways to weigh out your options is to listen to your gut.  We’ve all heard this expression but very few of us realize that we actually are using the gut area to make decisions.  In fact, science is catching up with us and has recently discovered that our gut contains a second brain of sorts.  The solar plexus chakra, which is located above your belly button, is where we process a lot of our intuition and emotions.  You can actually feel it.  You know that dropping-of-stones-in-your-stomach feeling when something isn’t right.  Or that butterfly feeling when things are going well and have potential.  You see, we all have the potential to use our intuitive abilities.  I’ve included an exercise here that I picked up years ago to help you start to feel the changes in your gut and use them to make decisions.

First, sit in a quiet space or room and get comfortable and relaxed.  Start to take note of your body.  What does it feel like it?  Are you relaxed or holding tension in your body?  Try and get rid of the tension if you can. It helps to be very relaxed.

Next, I want you to think of your first option or situation.  Note how your body feels now.  Is it tense?  Do you feel rocks in your stomach or feel “heavy”?  Or do you feel light or feel a smile coming to your face?

There’s your answer.  It’s as easy as that.  You have just successfully tapped into your intuition. This exercise works best when you have a choice to make.  

Not all changes are in our control and we don’t always get a choice in the matter.  Sometimes the things that seem to “happen” to us, or the things we don’t have control over, are actually getting us back on our true path. Even if they are uncomfortable or you can’t see how it will ever work out. 

Now to address the type of change we don’t have control over.  These are things that “happen” to us and we feel that we have no input over them or how they end up.  The trick to this is realizing that how we react to the change is what we have control over - what we make of it.  Here are a few exercises to help with that.

Stepping outside the box:  Another great way to get perspective on a situation or change is to step out side the box, or as Colette Baron-Reid likes to say - get a bird’s eye perspective.  Essentially, you are stepping outside your situation and trying to look at it from another point of view.  Once again, you’ll need to get comfortable and relaxed in a quiet space.  Close your eyes and actually view yourself rising above the situation.  

  • What do you see?  
  • How does it look different from above?  
  • Do you see other options or choices you didn’t know existed before?  
  • How do the other players look?  
  • Can you see your self in their shoes?  

Make note of information that you gather.  It may help you to come to a decision or understanding about what’s happening.

Questions:  Ask yourself these questions when change or challenge arise.

If my best friend was in this situation, how would I advise him/her?  Sometimes, we give much better and sound advice to our friends than to ourselves.  Take a look at it from that angle and see if it doesn’t change how you respond.

What am I learning from this?  Sometimes if you can figure out even the smallest lesson from a difficult situation or choice you can find peace and relax more into the experience.  The answer is never “nothing”.  Though it may feel like you aren’t learning something, if you really take the time to look, you will be able to figure out something.

Why did I plan this challenge when I was creating my life journey?  Ok, so this one is trickier.  The idea here is that you presented yourself with this challenge so you could learn - see above question.  Why did you do that?  Did your soul want to experience something new?  Maybe you could’ve learned the lesson sooner and more mildly but you weren’t paying attention so it ended up being something more dramatic.  Whatever it is try and tap in and see if you can figure out why.

During these times, you must go with the flow and place your trust in the fact that you have a grand plan and this is somehow getting you there.  We set up a beautiful intricate plan before we incarnate onto earth.  We discuss with our guides and our elders what we want to learn and what we wish to accomplish as a soul.  We make contracts with people - agreements - on how they will help or challenge us.  It’s actually quite detailed and complex.  Our Spirit Guides and what I have come to know as a Council of Elders help us with the planning.  When we have worked everything out, we then incarnate into our body and start our new adventure.  We are fully supported by our team and angels.  Check out the book review for this month.  It deals specifically with our soul plans before birth.

Knowing that there is a plan - one we contributed to - may help us feel more comfortable with change.  Knowing that the challenges and the celebrations are here for us to learn and grow as a soul.  Sometimes, you have to just hit the “I believe" button and trust it will all work out.

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