Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle

Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle

A Featured Deck Review

An ongoing series exploring Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards.

With spring on its way, I wanted to review a deck that was lighter in feeling this month.  The Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle by Doreen Virtue crossed my path and was just what I was looking for.  After a long winter, bringing in the fun playful energy of the fairies was a breath of fresh air for my daily personal readings. 

This is a typical Doreen Virtue deck.  She briefly runs you through how to clear your deck and begun using it with a very basic 3 card layout.  The descriptions of each card aren't extremely detailed, however that really allows your intuition to flow through and shine.  The art with each card has a very whimsical feeling and each card features a fairy.  

I find this deck works best with simple layouts, one card and three card pulls, making it a perfect deck for the beginner.  If you are looking for something to go deeper and into more complicated readings, I would not recommend this deck.  The Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle is very straightforward and is some what limited in card topics.  However, sometimes you need something light and fluffy and this fits the bill.

A tip for using this deck:  sit out side in nature when you use them and call forth the fairies to help you with your reading.  You may hear an increase in birds or nature sounds - I hear the tinkling of small bells and that's how I know they are near and ready to help.  Rather than pull multiple cards, just start with one and really let the fairies work with you intuitively to get the meaning.  Readings don't always have to be serious and deep.  Using this fairy deck will allow light and fun to infuse your intuitive sessions.

Would you like to see a reading with the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle?  Angel and Oracle Card sessions and all of my email readings are available with this deck.  

More information about Doreen Virtue or visit Hay House to purchase.

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