Monthly Reading for May 2015

monthly reading

for may, 2015


Part of Jessica's ongoing series of daily, weekly and seasonal readings.

May is traditionally known as a month of celebration for Mother Mary.  In honor of her help, healing, and nurturing, I did a monthly card reading asking her guidance for May for everyone. The reading is from Mary, Queen of Angels by Doreen Virtue.

Overall feel: Jesus 
Jesus was a great healer and continues his healing mission still today.  Whether or not you believe in the traditional view of Jesus, he still can offer his support and guidance, especially in healing emotional and physical pain.  May is going to be a month of healing and resolving of issues that have been around for a while.  This can be overwhelming at times so ask Jesus to help you heal and accept the changes gracefully.  With his and Mary's support, it should help you to make the necessary changes and help you to flourish while on your journey.

Week one: Quiet
The first step in healing is to take time and quiet the mind.  By focusing and settling the soul, you can begin to identify what needs to change and how to do it.  Try not to skip ahead this week.  Just focus on getting some quiet time everyday and the rest will unfold naturally.  Remember you aren't looking to solve all your problems this week.  You are looking to find peace to handle the changes to come.

Week two: Faith
This week brings the challenge of having faith.  Maybe you have identified what you need to change, but are overwhelmed by it.  Have faith and believe that you are supported by the Divine -- know you are loved and supported through this.  You can do this!

Week three: Patience
Waiting is maybe the hardest part and this week will be no exception, as things may feel that they have stopped moving forward or feel as if they are on hold.  Remember, there are lots of players on this stage and everyone has to get lined up for their cue.  As your Guides work on lining everything up, have patience and know work is going on behind the scenes. Something to keep in mind, as well, Mercury Retrograde begins around May 18th and goes through June 11th. It would be wise to stay patient and ride the wave until it is over.

Week four: Sobriety
It's time to clear your mind and get your body in shape to support the changes happening.  Take a week off from sugar, foods that are bad for you, and other substances that may be hindering your progress.  It's a mini detox of sorts to get you strong and ready for a summer full of amazing adventures and growth.

When you find you are having trouble, call on Mary to help. Her energy can bring a peace and calm like no other. She's here to help and wants to help, all you have to do is ask.

Have a beautiful May full of flowers, green grass, and fun!


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