Monthly Reading for June 2015

monthly reading

for june, 2015

Part of Jessica's ongoing series of daily, weekly and seasonal readings.

Overall feel: Ace of Stones ~ The Foundations of Life
The month of June is going to lend itself to manifestation - positive or negative, and it’s your choice.  If you’ve been working towards something, this month will be the month to make a push and bring those dreams into reality.  It may not be easy and there will be work involved, but you will get to the foundations of who you are and what you’ve been wanting to create.  This enables you to make great changes.  It’s key to remember to keep positive and think positive.  What you focus on this month, you will attract.

Manifesting is much easier when you are grounded.  Note the tree on the Blasted Oak and on the Ace and Page of Stones cards; these are all signs reminding you to stay grounded in June.  Get outside with your feet in the grass, go for a walk in nature, or do a meditation with Mother Earth.

Week one: The Seer
As we move into this time of incredible change, you need to connect with Spirit first.  Check in with your guides and angels this week.  Connect and see what advice they have to offer.  Also, really listen to your gut and intuition.  If you’re going to make manifesting magic happen, you have to rely on your intuition to help you to make the choices that will lead you to your highest and best.

Week two: The Blasted Oak
This week may feel like a bit of a doozy, but remember any time you make a big change there will be a sort of break down that comes before.  This is the breakdown.  If you go with the flow, it won’t be so hard.  Sometimes we have to clear away the “dead wood” before we can build anew.  Just realizing that will make this week and this clearing easier.

Week three: Page of Stones ~ Lynx
During the previous two weeks, there was a lot of focus on connecting to the Spirit side and going within.  It’s time to balance that out and really pay attention now to the physical aspect of life, as well.  Think through the information you have received so far and really focus on creating a well thought out plan to execute it.  Remember, all that intention and connecting with Spirit is great, but for real change you have to be able to bring it into your physical reality.

Week four: The Stag
It’s time to take responsibility for our actions and ourselves.  What you have planted in the previous weeks (whether it was positive or negative) is coming to fruition this week.  What seeds did you plant?  How are they flowering?  These adjustments you’ve been working on have set up a new way of living for you.  Make sure you know what the new set of rules are as you move into July.


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