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enchanted map oracle

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An ongoing series exploring Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards.

Some people would love to start using cards to work on their intuitive or divination skills, but how do you start?  Tarot can be overwhelming for a beginner - especially if they are trying to learn it on their own.  There’s tons of cards, lots of different meanings, and 100s of layouts.  When someone approaches me about learning how to do card readings, I tell them to start with Oracle Cards.

Oracle cards use the same theory of law of attraction that the Tarot does, however they are usually smaller decks and there is no universal meanings for every deck.  This means that whatever Oracle deck you pick up, it comes with it’s own little book of unique meanings.  I also suggest that when looking for a new oracle deck, you pick one that has images and a theme that appeals to you.  One of my most favorite oracle decks is called The Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.

Baron-Reid is an empath, intuitive, and medium.  I feel that all of her decks - but especially The Enchanted Map - are beautifully done.  The Enchanted Map Deck fits the first three things I look for when Oracle deck hunting.  

First, it is full of spectacular images.  Each card in this 54 card deck has a title and a number that coincides with the guide book. 


Second, it has an easy to follow guidebook with it, including suggested layout and card meanings.  Baron-Reid has designed the deck so that, if you’d like, you can use the pre-written meanings, but also you can just use the images and energy of the card to come to your own intuitive answers.  

Third, and most important to me, these cards carry an emotional depth to them that allows the reader to dig much deeper than you would normally with many of the oracle decks out on the market today.  She addresses both the light and the dark in a way that promotes growth and healing.  She uses the upright and reversed system of reading, which really allows the reader to address blocks and places or areas that might need a bit more help.

You can’t go wrong, beginner or advanced readers, by grabbing this deck and adding it to your collection.  I use it by itself and as a supplement deck to my tarot readings.  

Would you like to see a reading with Enchanted Map Oracle cards?  Angel and Oracle Card sessions and all of my email readings are available with this deck.

More information about Colette Baron-Reid or visit her website to purchase the Enchanted Map Oracle.

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