Monthly Reading for July 2015

monthly reading

for july, 2015

Part of Jessica's ongoing series of daily, weekly and seasonal readings.

July's reading uses the Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, featured in this month's deck review.

Overall feel: Encouragement
July is turning out to be another full month of making progress on our path.  The overall theme is Encouragement.  May was a month of healing and June was manifesting our hopes and dreams.  July will be about stepping forward into what you manifested and bringing those changes further into reality.  Your guides are giving you a push this month, so stay alert for signs that will point you in the right direction.

Week one: Metamorphosis
Change is at the forefront this week.  You need to release the old so that you can accept the new.  It may be a bit uncomfortable, but in the grand scheme of things you’ll be grateful that you went with the flow.  Remember to breathe deep and relax into it.  Look at it this way: you’re making room for the great new stuff by letting go of the old junk.

Week two: Cleaning House
Continuing the house cleaning energy in week two.  You’re emotionally and spiritually cleaning house and decluttering, so why not declutter your physical space as well.  Did you know that sometimes the physical act of house cleaning can get rid of lower vibrational energies?  It can also support higher energy in yourself, as well.  Grab a broom and a box and start cleaning this week.

Week three: Come together
Take the time to connect with loved ones, family, and friends this week.  With all this change going on, it’s great to get into a room with people who love and support you.  Enjoy yourself and celebrate all the new changes you’ve been working so hard to accomplish.

Week four: Ghostlands
This card is all about staying in the present, being in the now.  As you make adjustments, you may be tempted to look back at the past or try and envision the future the way you think it will happen.  The best thing you can do this week is just stay in the present.  Focus on what you are doing this week - not last week’s work or next week’s work.  You’re laying the foundation for amazing new things, so keep your eye on the bricks you are laying today and don’t worry about what the walls will look like tomorrow or that it was an empty field not too long ago.

Week 5: Slow and Steady
This week is going to feel like everything has slowed down and isn’t flowing as fast.  Don’t worry - things are still moving forward.  Enjoy the space Spirit has left for you.  Take in this break and do something fun while the wheels keep turning in the background.  You’ll be busy soon enough that you’ll wish you had this kind of time


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