October 17th: Happiness & Truth

Happiness & Truth

Ten of Vessels Reversed & Queen Victoria Reversed

October 17th Weekly Reading

Ten of Vessels ~ Happiness Reversed & Queen Victoria Reversed. Navigating the waters of happiness may be a challenge this week. The key to staying afloat is realizing that you have control over yourself and the ability to let your Truth shine, but that you also possess compassion for someone else’s Truth without losing your own.  How do you do this?

Understanding the idea that what you believe may work perfectly for you, but that it may not resonate for another, is a good start. Rather than attack or assume someone is flat out wrong, stop and figure out what it is you believe in first. Why do you believe in this? Really look at it—don’t just say because “I do” or “It’s the right way.” Understand where your belief comes from. Understand why you hold this to be true. You may discover that you've been looking outside yourself for your Truth. You've been dependent on others or letting others define your Truth for you. You may discover that you developed your Truth solely on what you had experienced, not taking the time to understand others or letting them in to help. The point is to take an honest look at yourself first and find balance, before jumping on someone else.

Next, look at the opposing view that has you fired up. Where does their belief come from? Why do they believe that? Instead of saying, “You’re wrong”, try saying, “Tell me more. I want to understand.” Then truly listen. You WILL learn something. You may learn that their belief has validity. You may learn that their belief is founded in fear. You may learn more about what you believe and why you believe it because their idea challenges your own and you have to explain your point of view.

Whatever the outcome, you don’t need to change for them or change your belief systems. This is about empowering yourself and giving the gift of empowerment to others. By using a little empathy and compassion, you will have taken the time to really hear them and that’s all that most people want. They want to be heard. They want to matter. They want compassion. And in the the end, you may be able to enlighten them a little to your Truth, as well.

Ten of Vessels ~ Happiness from the Wildwood Tarot www.willworthingtonart.co.uk

Mother’s Wisdom by Nikki Dewart, Elizabeth Marglin and Jenny Kostecki-Shaw, published by Sterling Ethos