Learning in the Shadows: Why Anger Can Heal

Learning in the Shadows

Why Anger Can Heal

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As Lightworkers, we often shy away from the ugly.  Ugly emotions.  Ugly situations.  Conflict.  We like to say that we “keep it in the Light” and don’t engage with the “shadow side”.  Or we phrase it as “Living the Light”.  Which is well-meaning, but if we do this, we are missing out on a key element of the Shadow side: learning and healing.

Conquer anger with non-anger. Conquer badness with goodness. Conquer meanness with generosity. Conquer dishonesty with truth.
— The Buddha

You see we don’t just learn in the light.  We don’t just help people in the light.  We do both of those things in our Shadow side, too.  When the shadow side arises, it is here to teach us, to make us uncomfortable and to make us see.  It is here to make us angry. Sometimes really angry.  I know many of us strive to find that zen point or quiet calm during rough seas, but anger has a place.  Anger can be healing.  Anger can EMPOWER.  That’s right.  It can empower.  When a group of people say: We are angry and we will not allow this any more, they can help shift humanity forward.

I’ve been angry a lot this year.  There’s a lot of stuff to be angry about in the world right now.  The trick is not to get caught up in the rapids of anger and get swept away.  It’s finding a balance and doing something with that emotion — something productive and positive.

Give gratitude to the anger, but don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the anger.
— Intuitive By the Sea

It’s about finding the courage to come out.  Or to stand up against injustice.  Or rally against hate.  It’s about stepping further into your light and shining brighter then ever so that the dark gunk doesn’t even have a chance.  It’s about inspiring others to do the same — to shine their light.  Use the anger and upset to change the world.  Change the world by acknowledging it’s broken.  Change minds by shining your light and spreading love and kindness and compassion in everything you do, say, or post.  It’s about intentionally getting up in the morning and saying: This is not my story.  This is not my reality.  Joy is my story.  Compassion is my reality.  Love is my world.  It’s about co-creating a new world and a new space where everyone is equal, everyone is heard, and no one is alone, afraid or abandoned.

Anger can empower a nation.  Anger can empower the world.  It can change things.  So embrace the anger.  Love the anger.  Give gratitude to the anger, but don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the anger.  Allow the anger to lead you to doing something to change what you are angry about.  Allow it to rise, to heal and to release.  Do so by affecting change in the zen, awesome, powerful light worker way of calm you know and possess.