October 10th: A Life Based on Love & Light

A Life Based on Love & Light

October 10th Weekly Reading

From The Golden Klimt Tarot and The Enchanted Map Oracle

Nine of Pentacles Reversed & Protecting Treasure Reversed. Living life in a “safe” manner—making choices that are based in fear of the unknown—can appear to give us what we want. It can give us the “illusion of safety”.  However, at some point, the foundation of what you have built based on fear will crack. It cannot withstand the weight of your life—of what you are here to do. The entire “safe” life you’ve built could come crumbling down.

Don’t panic! Rather than wait for the “crash” to happen, look at what you’ve built and make some changes now. Take a look at your foundation: How solid is it? Is it made out of stone? Or is it made out of cardboard painted to look like stone?

Take a critical eye to all areas of life including relationships, careers and spirituality. What are these areas based on? Did you make choices out of fear of not knowing, not wanting to take a risk? Did you choose these things because they support the true essence of yourself? Do they support your soul and it’s journey here on earth?

Making choices out of fear, even if the choices seem like a good idea at the time, won’t allow you to truly thrive. Sure, life may be okay and predictable, but you will never reach your full potential, your full capacity for life. Don’t stay where you are out of fear and loyalty. Stay because you are fulfilled, challenged and are learning something new. Point your energy and focus towards things and people that support you on every level, not just a level that you deem “safe”.

Crystal Helper: Fire and Ice Quartz. This crystal helps with healing, new beginnings, and growth. It is also connects to Archangel Raphael who is known for his miraculous healing energies. While you are looking at the ways in which you built your present life, use this crystal and Archangel Raphael to aid in letting both the shadow side of what isn't working and the light side of what is working, to rise for healing.

Golden Tarot of Klimt by A. Atanassov ©2005 Lo Scarabeo srl, via Cigna 110, 10155 Torino, Italy. All rights reserved, used by permission. The Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid published by Hay House Pusblishing.