I Dreamt I Was Flying

I Dreamt I Was Flying

21 days of Intentional Social Media Posting Challenge

Last night I had the most vivid flying dream.  It had a profound affect on me because I have NEVER had a flying dream I remember.  Ever.  My mom flies her in dreams, my sister flies frequently in hers, even my daughter flies.  Me, not so much.  Here is the dream from last night:

I flew last night. I soared over forests, mountains, rivers, oceans, lakes.  Magic sparkling like diamonds.  Mother Earth fully activated and shining.
Slowly, it became harder to fly.  I could still do it, but I had to push off things, pull on things to keep soaring, getting a running start first.
And then I was flying through buildings, hallways, and gyms.  I flew into a gym and there were two different groups on each side, one represented Trump and one represented Clinton.
And I thought: if I could just show everyone that we have the ability to fly, then it would make a difference.  It would change things.
But flying was getting harder.  It was turning into doggy-paddling through the air instead of soaring.  I kept falling from the air.  And even when I did show them I could fly, it didn’t matter.  It didn’t make a difference.  They just kept yelling.  They weren’t impressed.  They were indifferent.
And gravity started to take hold, and it got so hard, but I never gave up.  I couldn’t soar like before, but I kept trying and I never gave up.

So what the heck does this all have to do with intentional social media posting?

Well people, it’s getting pretty hard to fly out there, let alone soar.  As we have seen, words matter to everyone.  Because of this, I have decided to start a 21 day challenge.  The challenge is to Intentionally Post on Social Media for 21 days.  This means you post about hope, compassion, love.  You share pictures that show unity between EVERYONE (America — I mean everyone).  Once a day you put something on your wall that supports people’s ability to soar.  You work to inspire people once a day.  Oh and (excuse my language) you intentionally leave out the bullshit.  That means no engaging in the comment section people — it’s not going to change minds. 

It’s what YOU post that inspires and changes minds.

It’s time to pull on our Light Worker pants and get to work and that means putting the crap and the arguments and the anger aside for one moment each day and choose to inspire hope and peace and unity instead.

We’ve got this.  You know why?  Because we chose to come down here and work our Light.  And now is the perfect time to shine.  This Monday I will start on my social media pages.  Feel free to take what I post and share it or come up with your own thing.  I’ll also post a few helpful suggestions on how to make this a productive and peaceful event.  Let me know you are joining me on this journey!

Share this with as many people as you can so we can turn the tides of Social Media.  Let’s make Social Media a place of change and hope, not hate and fear.

I had a dream where I saw that everyone could not only fly, they have the potential to soar.  Let’s make this a reality!