Day Two: Stop & Heal

Day Two: Stop & Heal

21-Day Intentional Social Media Challenge

This quote comes from the wonderful Rebecca Campbell ( who wrote Light is the New Black and Rise Sister Rise. The following words are mine:

I want you to stop and heal. Put your stress and anger on pause and ask yourself: Who are you annoyed with right now? Who is challenging you the most?  What are they trying to teach you? What are you choosing to learn?

Maybe it's a group of people, maybe it's just one person.  The point is right now, this very moment, you are being given a chance to heal. That's right--not to be annoyed or to shut people out. Spirit is offering you a chance to heal. You just have to take it.

Look at what's bothering you. Look at what it's bringing up in your life. How can you turn this into something positive? For me, it meant looking at a lot of my shadows and realizing that it was time to let them see the light. It was time to release them so that I could heal and that others could heal right along with me. If life had been comfortable and humanity hadn't been "annoying", I don't know that I would've ever done that.

So take that anger, that anxiety, that "crap" and choose to heal from. Send gratitude to all those that are annoying you because they acted like a big blinking neon sign that said "Healing this way", even if it didn't seem like it initially.