Day Four: Shift from Within

Day Four: Shift from Within

21-Day Intentional Social Media Challenge

I love this quote by Anita Moorjani: "The only thing you can do is make the shift within yourself."

It's so true and, I believe, extremely helpful advice right now. We can't control others. We can't control how they think, how they feel, how they react. We can't "fix" them. That's not our responsibility. Our responsibility is to ourselves--making the changes from within and letting them radiate outward.

If you're frustrated that people just don't understand you, then dive deeper and try to understand them more. In return, maybe they will try to understand you more. 

If you're angry that people aren't compassionate--be more compassionate yourself. Inspire them to be more compassionate by your own actions.

If you're upset that people aren't more loving, go within and find more self-love and love for others.

If you're sad people are afraid, show them that you are a safe haven, an ally.

When you find yourself frustrated with the world around you, angry that people just don't "get it", the only course of action is to "make the shift within yourself." 

Be the Beacon you are searching for. Be the Empathy that you seek. Be the Love that you desire. Be the Hope that sees you through. Live your light. Spread your light. Shine your light for all the world to see.