Day Five: Peacefulness is a Choice

Day Five: Peacefulness is a Choice

21-Day Intentional Social Media Challenge

Believe it, or not, being peaceful is a choice. It’s all about how you approach things. It’s about how you are able to see the potential in all situations—whether they are easy or challenging.

There’s a lot of people spinning out right now. Maybe they are angry or afraid or anxious, but it’s during these turbulent times, that it is extremely important to choose to move into a peaceful state.

Why? Because when you choose peace, you start to make decisions from a different perspective. You don’t make desperate or fearful choices that will never pan out. Peace gives you the ability to see the bigger picture. Peace gives you the ability to enlighten others. Peace offers you the chance to be more compassionate and caring. That to me sounds so much better than making decisions from fear or hurt or anger. It seems like a much more productive path.

So when confronted with the choice of whether to panic and yell or cry and despair, choose to take a deep breath. Choose to stop. Choose to listen. Choose to step outside the chaos that surrounds you to get a better viewpoint on what is actually happening. Choose to be peaceful.

Once you follow through on that choice, watch miracles and opportunities begin to unfold, where previously there were none. Watch love blossom. Watch fear and hate disappear and hope come forth. Choose to be peaceful and watch it spread to your loved ones, like a beautiful wave of love. --jessica

If your working hard on finding peace and forgiveness, Dr. Wayne Dyer has some wonderful books to support your journey. Head over to for more details.