Day Nine: "Humanity is an Ocean"

Day Nine: "Humanity is an Ocean"

21-Day Intentional Media Challenge

It’s been so easy to lose faith in humanity this past month. So much hate, anger, and fear floating around out there. Just when you think you’ve got a glimmer of hope, another story/picture/meme/news article douses it and you have to start all over again. It’s hard. It’s really hard to be a human being right now.

Yesterday, I happened upon this quote by Gandhi, “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean: if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” This was so what I needed right now: Perspective.

What do I mean by perspective? I mean if we only let the news and social media define our world, then yes, it will be a hate filled, anger filled mess. This is because the “mess” is what sells. The “drama” sells. Are you more likely to click on a story about something tragic or violent than you are to click on a story about lavender fields in France? Yep. It’s sad, but it’s true. So if day after day, time after time all we click on are the “drama filled messes”, we are going to become very disenchanted with humanity on a whole—which is where I was yesterday.

But today, I’m in a different place. Today I realize that such a minuscule portion of humanity is a “drama filled mess”. Most of humanity is really, really good. Most of humanity has hope and they want to spread that hope and that light to others. Just because “a few drops in the ocean are dirty” doesn’t mean I have to focus on that. In fact, I choose to focus on the rest of the ocean—the beautiful parts, the light filled parts, the parts that carry hope. Because where our attention goes our energy flows and I am no longer sending my energy to the “dirty parts”.

I invite you to come along with me. Make an effort to focus on what is good and amazing in this world—there is so much of it. Make a gratitude list on what you have to be thankful for this week. Here is the start of mine:

I am grateful for:

  • my sweet, amazing child
  • my wonderful partner
  • my loving, supportive family and extended family
  • my amazing pets
  • the snow covered mountains outside my window
  • the sea glass covered beach down the road
  • the way the light plays off the mountains—it looks like angels are shining their light down for us to see
  • my dear friends who keep me going when I’m discouraged
  • being in a human body(even when being human is hard)
  • the full moon
  • seeing the sun peek out from behind the clouds
  • the crazy, amazing double rainbows that hang out behind my house
  • YOU.

The more we can see what to be grateful for, the more our eye will be attracted to the Light of every situation. I believe in a group’s collective energy, so please feel free to share what you are grateful for in the comments below.

I leave you with a blessing: May you always see the light and if you can’t see it, may you never give up. May you keep searching, and if you can’t find it, may you create it for all the world to see. Blessings on you and yours —jessica