Day Fifteen: Healing with Nature

21-Day Intentional Social Media Challenge

Nature grounds us. Nature inspires us, surprises us. Nature breaks open our hearts and our minds. It creates awe.  Nature allows us to catch a glimpse of God.

Max the Dog @Boyscout Beach Kodiak, AK

Nature allows us to heal in a way nothing else can. Watching a whale breech, an otter play, a deer roam, a fox hunt. All of these allow us to be perfectly present and in the moment. They let us slip away from our everyday and become immersed in something larger than us.

Living in Alaska, I get outside into nature almost everyday. No matter what is happening, I turn to the wilds for answers and relief. I am blessed to live here. Blessed to watch the snow blow on the sides of the mountains. Blessed to walk along the rock covered beaches. Blessed to convene with trees on important matters. I will miss this place when we leave. I’ve done much healing here and have had many an epiphany while wandering this beautiful island.

Sunrise @Jewel Beach Kodiak, AK

So why, if Nature allows us all of that, do we not spend enough time in it? Why do we not make it a daily ritual to connect to Mother Earth. Perhaps your schedule is too busy? Maybe you live to far away from a park or the woods or the sea? Maybe you’ve never really been out in Nature and had a positive experience?

If you are struggling to heal and move forward or struggling with finding inspiration to make changes in life, making a weekly—preferably daily—date with nature can help tremendously. If you are losing hope, heading into Nature can inspire you to dream again.

Sunset @Barometer Mountain Kodiak, AK

Today, I’ve included four videos from the organization More Than Just Parks, as a way to sneak you away into Earth’s majestic landscape. These videos capture the awe, the grace, and the beauty of our National Parks.  You’ll notice that after you watch these your stress levels will be down and you’ll be more relaxed and refreshed. Imagine if you were actually there! I urge you to get outside and find your own sacred spaces in nature that can recharge and ground you.  If you enjoy the videos, feel free to donate to More Than Just Parks so they can continue their work.