Day Eighteen:See Beyond

Day Eighteen: See Beyond

21-Day Intentional Social Media Challenge

“The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but, it is fear.”

This powerful quote from Gandhi stops me in my tracks. It is SO TRUE. It’s easy to identify hate. It’s a pretty strong emotion. You can flip through the news and see all the things hate has help build and make. We may sit on our couch and say:  “That is not right!” “They are wrong!” “They are bad.” maybe even perhaps, “They are evil.” However what does that do for either side? Nothing. It leaves you judging the person who has hate in them or acts upon their hate. It does nothing except fuel the fires.

But what if you looked at it differently? What if you looked at them and looked past the hate and the anger? What if you tried to see or identify the fear that caused the hate first?

What does that fear look like? Who do they fear? Why do they fear? When we take this approach we move into a more compassionate and empathetic state. We come from a place of wanting to understand not wanting to judge. A place of love. We see them as another human being. A scared human being. A human being that is afraid for themselves and maybe for their family or for their way of life.

Fear can stem from so many things. Fear can come from the unknown and the unfamiliar. It can come from misunderstanding. It can stem from change happening all around that they can’t control. It can be passed down through generations. All of these things can be scary. People don’t like to be afraid. They don’t like to look at their fears and their vulnerabilities. So, they stuff them away and hide them with what they believe to be a more powerful emotion: hate.

It’s our jobs, as The Lightworkers, The Guardians, and as The Watchers,  to look further and deeper. It’s our job to listen to them and try to understand where they are coming form. It’s our job to help them move out of the fear state and into the love state. Our task is to rise above and see the greater picture. See the whole picture and then show it to them. They may only be able to take baby steps at first, but our responsibility is to support them along the way. To hold their hand and reassure them that there is a better place to live from. So the next time you see hate flash across your screen or in your community—Stop, Look, Listen. See them. Be compassionate. Then make your choices from that state of love. You will be so much more successful in changing the tides.