December 12th: Winter Reflection

Winter Reflection

December 12th, 2016

Weekly Reading

Moon Reversed & Action

Many times during the Holidays, we want to push forward, get that to-do list done and move on. It’s go, go, go and nothing but action. There’s no scheduled rest or relaxing because who has time?? There are things to be done! Well this week Spirit calls on you stop and to take time to go within.

The Moon reversed tells us that now is the time to turn inward—not push through and ignore what we are feeling and processing. The shorter days coupled with the darkness lend themselves to being contemplative, to slowing down, to looking at the shadow side. Don’t waste this winter energy. Use it. Start a dream journal to understand those weird dreams you’ve been having. Acknowledge your fears and then hand them over to the Divine during prayer or meditation. Embrace the emotions you’ve been experiencing and then release them with a salt bath.

It’s not about shoving these intense experiences aside. It’s about making room for them in your busy life. Giving yourself the space to see them and understand them. If you keep pushing it away or over-filling your time, you can’t take advantage of the calming nature of winter and the moon to help you heal and move forward.

The Moon Reversed is from the Ceccoli Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli,  Llewellyn Publications, publsished 2014 & Action is from the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor, published by Hay House.