How to Sparkle

How to Sparkle

Holiday Inspiration Series

Adventures in Mediumship

My daughter drew a picture of a Christmas Tree version of me. She came home and said “Mama, I drew you as a Christmas Tree because you shine so bright!” (Cue heart melting here) However, the honest truth was last week I didn’t feel very bright. In fact, dim would be a understatement.

I had over booked myself completely. Too many activities, too much work, no time for self. And here’s the kicker: I know better! I preach self care all week long to clients and here I was going down the drain. I knew I wasn’t shining at full capacity.

When I realized this,  I turned to the protocol that I go through to get back to nurturing myself so I can give to others.

  1.     Cut back on activities. I Immediately started cutting back on activities that weren't necessary. That dinner with friends? Cut. We can do it post New Year's and probably have more fun. That batch of cookies or candy? Cut. We can do with out the sugar and there are other activities that are far more soul enriching for all of us. Didn’t get that gift for someone? Well, it isn’t happening now--cut. I’ll make the investment of time spent with them after the Holidays. A card with a promise of a date or quality time may be what they really need anyway.
  2. Salt Baths. Every night. They clear your energy and get rid of any gunk you picked up during the day. They also help you to relax and reduce all of that stress. Since I cut some activities I now have time for this. I make it my evening ritual so that I don't go to bed depleted.
  3. Sleep. For real. Sometimes you need an early bedtime or a nap. Put aside everything you think you”should” being doing and rest. Trust me, if it’s important it will still be there when you get up.
  4. Mandatory Morning Meditation. Even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes it can really help you face your day in a more positive light. By breathing and finding calm, you program yourself for a more peaceful day.
  5. Listening to my Body. This means drinking enough water, cutting back on sugar, caffeine and eating clean-- perhaps even acupuncture or massage or healing. My soul relies on my body to carry it through this dimension. I respect that and make sure that when I’m drained I up my body-care routine.
  6. Ask for help. I ended up handing off the Cookie Baking to my in-laws. They arrive on Wednesday and are looking forward to it. I bought wrapping paper and told my 6 year old to go to town. She was thrilled! Was it perfect? Nope, not even close. Was it awesome to watch her light up? Totally. My husband took an afternoon off of work and helped me to catch up on things around the house. This created time and space for us to enjoy each others' company after it was done. Would any of this had happened if I hadn't reached out? No. It's important to let people know what you need and how to support you. Take time to do this.

Taking time for yourself allows you to give the most back to your loved ones. In fact, some of the things that took stress off me, allowed others to shine brighter in the process. These are six easy things you can do today, to start the recharge process because let’s be honest: We’d all rather enjoy the Holidays recharged and glowing then angry, stressed, fried and dark.

We all get overwhelmed and spent. That’s ok—there’s no need to beat yourself up about it. It’s how you react to that state that defines you. Pick one thing you can start today and stick with it through New Year’s Day. It will make a HUGE difference in terms of your experience with the Holidays and how your loved ones experience the Holidays, as well.