December 18th: Releasing the Bonds

Releasing the Bonds

December 18th, 2016

Weekly Reading

Charity ~ Prayer and Contemplation from Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray
The Devil Reversed from the Golden Tarot of Klimt

Charity ~ Prayer and Contemplation & The Devil Reversed from the Golden Tarot of Klimt

Winter Solstice. A time for reflection. An opportunity to find the Light in the Dark. As we approach the day of shortest light, it gives us a chance to really go deep within and identify what is holding us back—what chains or bonds we still have yet to shake.

In order to shed these “bonds”, you must first recognize and understand what they are. You must identify them. Only then can you release yourself from them.

Prayer and meditation are great ways to tap into this information. Prayer allows you to connect to the Divine Source. It allows you to feel connected to who you were before you entered this body. It provides grounding and centeredness that you may be lacking, especially in regards to your shadow side. Meditation allows you to create a space to receive the information you’re looking for. By silencing the busy mind and the ego, it gives you the opportunity to receive the answers that you seek. It allows the Divine to show you the way.

Carve out time on the Winter Solstice. Take advantage of the energy to break free of old bonds and move forward before the New Year arrives.

Sit down with a paper and pen and look at some aspects of your life that you feel aren't working. Can you see a common theme? Maybe, you discover that losing weight isn’t really what's binding you. Maybe, it’s really a soul lesson about self-worth or self love and weight gain is only a product of those lessons. If you write down that your relationships never work out or you can't find someone to be in a relationship, look at the real reason you are struggling. Are you lonely and trying to fill the loneliness with a person? Perhaps, you really need to stop and figure out who you are first. Be comfortable with who you are as you are. Fill the loneliness yourself, then meet someone who compliments the new, more whole you.

The idea is to really dig deep and look at the root cause, the root bond, not a symptom or side affect of it. Need a helping hand getting started? Stay tuned this week for a tarot spread, specifically designed to help you take advantage of the Winter Solstice.