Day Twenty: Dreaming Our World

Day Twenty: Dreaming Our World

21-Day Intentional Social Media Challenge

What is your vision for your life? For the world? Many shamanic healers believe we dream our world/our reality into existence. Think about that for a moment. Not only can we dream and visualize positive things into our lives, but every thought or idea or judgement or assumption creates our reality, as well. Every. One.

That’s huge. Now look around you. Look at your life. Look at your community. Look at the world. You helped dream this into reality, whether you knew it or not, whether you like what you see or not. You helped create this. ALL of this, not just the parts that resonate with you.

All of your thoughts, feelings, opinions are out there, which means you have a responsibility to decide and direct those into something that brings peace to all. How will you do that?

I can tell you that if you read the “news”, they will tell you how divided we are. How different we are. How there is no in between. How there is a right and a wrong. How much hate there is. How much ignorance there is. How much tension. But you know what? That’s not my world. I refuse to let them tell me how to dream my world. Oh, I know all of those things are out there, but they aren’t EVERYTHING that is out there.

There is good. There is peace. There is hope. There is light. There is community. There ARE differences of course—it’s called DIVERSITY.  And it’s beautiful and amazing.

Tomorrow when you wake up, or maybe before you go to bed tonight, decide what you are going to dream into the world. Are you going to put your dreams and energy into what separates us—will you buy into the notion that we are too different to unite? Or will you dream into reality something bigger than that? Will you dream about community and love and peace and understanding? It’s your choice and, yes, you have to make one.