The Soul's Journey Series

The Soul's Journey Series

Understanding Your Pre-Birth Plan

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What is the Soul’s Journey? Have you ever wondered what happens after you leave your body here on Earth, but before you reincarnate? This is the space where the Soul’s Journey starts—more specifically, I look at the period of time when you make the decision that you’re going back into a body. What happens? Who is involved? Going back into a body is a big deal.  There is a lot to consider and plan before making decisions. Soul Contracts are made; Life Purposes are examined; Soul Lessons investigated.

I’m starting a multi-week series of articles on my blog based on this part of the Soul’s Journey. The next five weeks will be full of information about your Spirit Team, your pre-birth planning sessions and Soul Blueprint, Life Purpose, Soul Contracts and more! We will start of with some of the basics and then get more detailed as we move forward. Feel free to ask questions and give your thoughts on the subject and your personal experiences as well.   I always say that for every soul on this planet there is a unique path to the Divine. Share your soul’s experience with us, as we move through the series.

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Up Next: Week One~Your Soul’s Blueprint & Pre-Birth Planning


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