Your Soul's Blueprint

You Soul's Blueprint

A Map of Your Journey

The Soul's Journey Series

Let’s begin at the beginning. I think it’s important to understand what I am referring to when I mention your Soul’s Blueprint or Pre-birth planning before we move into the details of who your Spirit Guide Team is, soul contracts, and more.

The Soul’s Blueprint is something that is designed when we are in-between incarnations. Many people call this our “life between lives”.  So much happens in our “life between lives”, but for this series we are just going to look at the planning stage that happens prior to us incarnating into a body. I refer to it as the Pre-Birth Planning stage, but I’m sure there are many other names out there for it.  Before we begin to delve into the details, I’d like to share where this information came from and how it brought a sort of epiphany in terms of the work that I do.

A few years ago, I decided to splurge on a Life Between Lives Regression with Nancy Canning. She’s an amazing practitioner, based on Cape Cod, who does Past Life Regressions, belief system work and much more.

At the time of the session, which was over 4 hours long, I had been working professionally as a medium for a while, but still didn’t feel like I had found my “thing” yet. I knew that big - planned - changes were coming up in my life. I decided to have a session with Nancy to help clear away all the old junk and really get back to the heart of what I was here to do before I started out on the next leg of my journey. It was during this session that I got an up close and personal look at my pre-birth planning session prior to this life.

For me, this session planning stage appeared as a physical blueprint - an amazing in-depth outline on what I wanted to work on in my upcoming life. Is it really a blueprint? Perhaps not, but it was a great way for my Guides to communicate the idea to to me. On this blueprint were the thousand of paths my next life could take. It took into consideration all the soul contracts I and my Team were working on, the soul lessons I wanted to experience and learn more about, my life purpose - basically everything I needed to know to get from Point A to Point B in my next incarnation.  Needless to say the information I received that day was life changing.

A few weeks after the session, I was facilitating mediumship for a client and a crossed over loved one came through with their Spirit Guide. The Guide of the Crossed Over Loved One began to inform us of all the life lessons and challenges this soul had faced and how they did with learning in their most recent past life. My client left and I got to thinking, if a Guide can come through like that, why couldn’t I access the guides of my clients and their personal blueprints. So I asked a few close professional connections if they’d be up to experimenting with me. I explained what my goal was and how I was going to access it. Just like that my Soul’s Journey Sessions were born. Well, there was a little more work to it than that, but you get the idea. The path had been shown to me during my regression and I was able to follow it for my clients now, as well.

Each and everyone of us has specifically designed a Soul Blueprint during our pre-birth planning sessions. Every. Single. Person. Even if you don’t know what it is, you still have a soul blueprint out there. Since your Spirit Guides helped council and “guide” you during the designing of the blueprint, they are the ones I most frequently come across when accessing the information in a session. Following this path, with the Guides as assistants, I am able to hear answers in detail to the questions that plague all of us:

  • Why me?
  • Why this again?
  • Why this relationship?
  • What is my Life Purpose?

I’ll be writing articles about each of main components you can expect to come across when you access your Blueprint. Soul Lessons, Life Purpose, Soul Contracts, Important Relationships, and Life Challenges are just a few of the most common areas that surface during a session.

Whenever I bring up the idea of a Soul Blueprint I always get the question “But wait! Don’t we have freewill? I don’t want to believe that my whole life is mapped out. What’s the point of that?”  A completely valid question and here’s the answer I’ve come to understand: Your whole life isn’t mapped out. You very much have free will and you exercise that free will on a day to day, moment to moment basis. The Blueprint has much more flow to it than a structured blueprint. You make a choice and the blueprint switches to that choice. You pass up an opportunity to learn something and the blueprint shifts to a different path so that another experience comes along allowing you to learn. The core ideas from above—Soul Lessons, Life Purpose, etc - stay the same, but you have complete free will over how you learn or execute these.

When you start to understand what you came down here to experience and to understand, the challenges in life start to look more like learning opportunities, rather than blocks. It gives them a more positive vibration. A vibration that allows you to create a space that facilities learning. Some of the difficult relationships you face now are agreements between two souls that were created in love when the plan was made. You may not remember that and all it looks to you is a very difficult situation. Once you understand that some of these more challenging relationships were planned for learning purposes, the negative outlook you have associated with it starts to fade and is replaced by understanding that you are actually try to learn more about who you are as a soul.

If you find yourself saying,  “I feel like I’ve fallen off my path” or “I can’t seem to break this cycle”, tapping into your blueprint would be helpful. If you keep repeating the same experience over and over, you may not be learning the lesson that you need to be learning. It’s not that you are doing anything “wrong”, you just need to shed some light on and put words to what you are trying to learn.  

Our life paths don’t look like small little hiking trails that you can wander off of or “get off track” or become “lost”. The learning process is much more flexible and fluid than that. They are more like a 6 lane highway: You have a lot of room and space to decide how you want to get there, but in the end no matter what you do you still end up at your final destination.  The real question is: How do you want to do that? Do you want to clunk along on the shoulder? Or drive in the fast lane? Or maybe you want to go against the traffic AND drive in the fast lane.  Some of us pull off at a rest stop because we're overwhelmed and we never really get back on the road.

Yes, some of those choices may be easier to navigate than others. Some of those choices may give you more insight in others. If you don't learn what you need to in order to move forward, you run the risk of having to repeat those lessons and challenges again in the next life. Connecting to your blueprint now, allows you to navigate more easily with less bumps - or at least allows you to understand more about WHY you’re hitting the bumps in the first place. It also helps you to get back on that highway and move forward again. The beautiful thing is you have your own personal travel guides with you along the way acting like a divine GPS. All you have to do is ask for help and they will reach out to get you back on track.

If you want to know more about your Soul’s Blueprint and what that entails you can always connect with your Guides or set up a session with me and I can help you connect.  

If you‘re interested in a past life regression, Nancy Canning may be a great choice or you. She’s amazing. My advice for her sessions: Be really comfortable with mediation and the regression process first. You need to be at a place in your life where you can trust the information that you receive completely and also understand how to put words to what you are seeing.

Next Week: Your Spirit Team


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