Your Spirit Team

Your Spirit Team

Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Angels, oh my!

The Soul's Journey Series

Remember: This is a just a brief overview. There is no one size fits all when it comes to our Spirit Teams. Everyone will have a different way to look at it and explain it. These descriptions are just from my experiences with my own personal team and from experiences with my clients' teams. In no way does this cover every possibility out there.

Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, oh my! There’s a lot of differing information out there, but everyone is in agreement on one thing: your Spirit Team is here to help you and guide you along your way. This week, I will briefly take you through a who’s who of these amazing helpers and what part they can play in your pre-birth planning process. For the sake of time, I’ve narrowed your Spirit Team down to a few of the main types of guides you’ll encounter: Spirit Guides, Angels, Spirit Animals, Guardians, and Ancestors.

Let’s begin with Spirit Guides:
There are so many definitions as to what a Spirit Guide is. One definition is that they are an entity that is assigned to us to help us stay on track and move forward. Differing from Angels, Spirit Guides were, at one point, human. These particular guides start out with us from the very beginning - prior to us being born. They are elevated souls whose job is to help you stay focused on this crazy whirlwind tour called life. They assist you directly with the planning prior to incarnation and they continue to try and help you while you execute the plan during the “human years”. Some people will go a step further and break downSpirit Guides into specific categories. If that helps you understand them better - great! For me, Guides are more fluid and work together more like a council or a team. If it’s imperative to the client that they know one guide over another, the relevant one will generally step forward to be identified. These guides are assigned only to us. We are their sole responsibility and we don’t share our main guides with anyone else. We can call in specialty guides, if we feel like we need more back up in specific life areas, but our main guides are here for us and us only. How much they can help is based on how much we let them help. (And YES everyone has Spirit Guides, even if you have never felt them or contacted them.)

Spirit Guides are very different from Crossed Over Loved Ones. Whenever I connect with a client, one of the first questions is: Can you tell me who my guides are? I bet they are my grandmother, mother, father, uncle, aunt, etc. My answer is usually no. They were not a living relative. Those Loved Ones play a different role in your soul life.  The key thing to remember about this part of your Team is this: Spirit Guides were human at one point, they haven’t been in a human body in a long time, and they act as council and give guidance to us on a daily basis.

Next on the Team list are Angels:
There are various different kinds of angels that can make up your team. Two of the more well known types are Guardian Angels and Archangels.

Guardian Angels act as a protective force and, like Spirit Guides, the ones assigned to us are solely working with us. Archangels are different. They are extremely powerful energetically. They can help us on our journey, but are here for all of mankind - not just a singular person.  So while Archangel Michael is helping you, he can also be helping 1,000s of others. This is important to distinguish because typically the Archangels aren’t part of our soul planning sessions. Our Guardian Angels might drop in, but I usually see them show up as a soul gets closer to incarnating into the body, rather then during the planning stages. Never say never though! Any of these players can show up at anytime.  And yes, everyone has a Guardian Angel whether they call it an angel or a guardian or a protector - it’s the same idea of a protective energy/entity watching over us.

Spirit Animals or Animal Totems:
I find my Spirit Animals to be an immense help in the day to day operations of life. My introduction to these kinds guides came through Shamanic teachings and experiences. I haven’t found there to be any set number of Spirit Animals. Right now, I personally have 3 main ones that I am working with. There have been times where there were more and times when there were less. I feel like these guides show up right when you need them.Ted Andrews has a fabulous book on the subject called Animal Speak. He lists the meanings and descriptions of quite a few of the animals you may meet on your journey.

How do you find your Animal Guide? A lot of the time people are attracted to the animal and collect things with that animal. A friend of mine is obsessed with turtles, so it was no surprise that a turtle was one of her Spirit Animals. Another friend kept seeing frogs in the weirdest places. You get the idea. You can also ask them to come to you during a mediation or during dream time.  When an animal passes through your dreams or pops up in a meditation, don’t dismiss it! It may not be your Spirit Animal but each animal has a specific meaning. Take the time to look it up.

The last two types Guardians and Ancestors:
I have less working experience with these guides as they tend to pop up in Shamanic work. That being said, I think of Guardians as the Earth Elementals and Nature Spirits. Ancestors can be bloodline spanning back generations or they could be ancestors of the place where you are currently living/working. Knowledge and wisdom are passed down genetically through the generations. I don’t know a lot more than that, but it’s a topic that is fascinating to me, which guarantees it will be something I dig into in the future (and will share with you when I do!). If you’re interested in either of these types of guides, check out Steven D. Farmer’s Earth Magic or one of his other books for more information.

Pre-birth planning sessions:
I find that I encounter Spirit Guides the most with Angels and Animal Guides coming in next. The Spirit Team’s role during your pre-brith planning is mainly guidance. They may gently remind you that you didn’t really learn the lesson from the last life and that you should repeat it again to more fully understand it. They may nudge you to work on certain aspects of yourself that you tend to avoid. They may even warn you that you are taking on way too much for one life and urge you to reign it in a bit. Ultimately, the choice is yours. They will stand by you and help you get the most out of your plan, if you let them.

Hopefully, this information helps clarify a bit about who is helping you move through this journey you’ve chosen to embark on. Feel free to post your experiences or questions that may come to mind.

Next Week: Soul Lessons


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