Integrity: May Reading Week One

White Buffalo Calf Woman ~ Integrity

White Buffalo Calf Woman ~ Integrity

Week One: Integrity ~ White Buffalo Calf Woman / Dishonor

The first step to understanding the lesson of Joy this month is to look at your personal integrity. First, look at the integrity of your Word. Are you true to your Word and follow through with your promises? Do your Words honor yourself and others as the Divine Creatures that they are?

Then look at the integrity of your Thoughts. Do you say one thing, but think another? Is your mind full of negative self talk-- even though you say you are a positive person? Do you let the chatter in your head take over and prevent you from true mindfulness and peace?

Finally, look at your Actions. Do you treat others with the integrity you wish to be treated with? What about Nature and Her Animals? Are you treating them with the integrity that they deserve?
When you break down the idea of Integrity into the three categories of Words, Thoughts, and Actions it draws your attention to the areas that may need some “Spring Cleaning”.

It’s ok to be a bit uncomfortable while you are making changes. Don’t judge yourself if you feel like you are not living up to what you want to be in each area. Just take it day by day and try to incorporate more integrity into your life—even if it’s only through small actions.

Assignment: This week keep a small notebook of your actions that speak to your Integrity in a positive light. It’s similar in concept to a gratitude journal. Each day try and do one more action of integrity than you did the day before.