Strength: May Reading Week Four

Elephant ~ Strength

Elephant ~ Strength

Week Four: Strength ~ Elephant / Hardness

Hardness and Strength are not the same thing. Hardness brings with it the idea of isolation and emotional coldness. Inner Strength carries with it a warmth and positive—more uplifting— feeling. Allow the Hardness to melt away this week and focus on letting your Inner Strength shine through.

There are two areas of Strength we will be focusing on this week. Finding the Inner Strength to make the changes needed, from the areas you became aware about last week. The other area is spreading your Inner Strength to those around you, wrapping them in love and compassion.

Assignment: Pick one area from the week before that you feel needs changing. Just one. If you pick too many you’ll get overwhelmed and nothing will be accomplished. What small change could you implement that would steer you back to a path on your Journey that flows more easily? An example: Let’s say you looked at your life and thought, “Wow my spiritual life just isn’t very fulfilling”. You could choose to start meditating 5 minutes a day to become more connected to the Divine. You could pick out a book about a spiritual aspect of life that is new to you, that you are interested in, or one that you’ve never understood. The key to this is to pick something doable. You aren’t going to change your entire life this week, just take baby steps towards getting that movement flowing.

The other assignment I want you to do this week is complete an act of Joy for someone else or something else. So perhaps you drop off a small flowering plant to a neighbor who needs a bit of green. Maybe you go and clean up the beach by collecting garbage. It could be as simple as holding the door for someone or paying for the coffee of someone behind you in line. Whatever it is, spread a little joy and let your inner strength shine through.

Monthly recap: Hopefully now that May is winding up you’ve got a little better understanding of how the lesson of Joy operates in your life. Like any Soul Lesson, it’s important to clear space out first so that you can fill it with positive changes. If there is not clear space, no clear change can happen. The first two weeks you did just that. You got rid of some of that low vibrating negative junk that was laying around. Week three you took the time to really stop and look at what was left there. Week four you drew upon your inner strength and saw that even the smallest changes could make a big difference.

Some of you may have struggled with the Shadow side of Joy this month instead. That’s ok. You know what? That’s great. You learned a whole need side to the soul lesson of Joy by the lack of it in some places in your life. By shining a light on that, you allowed some of those suffering bits to rise to the top and be cleared. That is a some deep soul level healing and I’m proud you had the courage to go though. It may not be completely resolved or “fixed”, but you’ve take the first step on your journey and that is amazing.

However Joy expressed itself to you this month, send gratitude and thanks to your Team of Guides for helping you grow as a soul. Also thank yourself Soul Self too. Soul work can be overwhelming but you went there and any amount of success is still success!