Self Love: May Reading Week Two

Mirror ~ Self Love

Mirror ~ Self Love

Week Two: Self Love ~ Mirror / Shame

A huge block to understanding the lesson of Joy is the concept of Self-Love. Why do we find it so hard to truly love ourselves? Often, we are our own worst critic. What if you were able to quiet the negative voices down? You would have so much more space in your life for Joy.

This week we’re going to look into how to incorporate more Self-love in our lives. Last week, Integrity allowed us to become aware of our thoughts and words towards others and ourselves. Now we are going to take it a step further. We are going to start to love every part us us more fully and release the shame we feel.

What areas in your life have the most shame associated with them? Usually something will pop right into the forefront of your minds. Start there. For some people it will be body shame. For others it could be shame over thoughts, actions or experiences that happened in the past. Whatever your shame is focused on, I want you to send love and compassion to it this week. If it’s in the past, acknowledge that you can’t change it but recognize that you are a different person today that would make different choices than you did then. Send that situation love and compassion from your heart space or use Reiki if you know how to do so. If it’s your body, take time everyday this week to focus on every part of your body, thanking it for what it does, how amazing it is, and sending it love.

Assignment: In addition to sending love and compassion to our areas of shame, I want you to pick out an affirmation for the week that promotes the idea of Self-love. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple, “I love myself in every way.” would do the trick, but try and look deeper to find something specific to you.