Soul Lessons

Soul Lessons

understanding how you learn

The Soul's Journey Series

I often hear, "I'm blocked. I'm just not moving forward and I don't know why." What if those "blocks" were actually learning opportunities? What if I told you one of the main reasons you were here on Earth right now was to learn—to learn more about yourself as a soul and to understand the human experience more completely? If you always stayed on the Other Side, you’d never fully experience who you are.  Part of achieving this understanding is choosing your Soul Lessons to work on each lifetime.  

A Soul Lesson is basically what it sounds like: a lesson or concept that you want a more complete understanding of.  Each lifetime you choose Lessons to work on. Some of these lessons may be repeats from the last lives or they may be completely new to you. With every lifetime, you learn - and with that learning hopefully understanding and growth comes with it.  The more your soul can experience the Lesson you’ve chosen, the more you learn. This benefits not only you, but also your soul group.

To better understand how you go about the learning process, let’s use the metaphor of a pendulum. A pendulum swings both ways. It has the ability to swing all the way to the left and all the way to the right. As it swings, it covers every space in between the two sides. Soul Lessons are like that swinging pendulum. Some lifetimes, we choose to learn a Lesson by hanging out all the way on the left side of the pendulum never straying from that side. There are lifetimes where we decide to learn all the way over on the right side. How we learn really depends on the Lesson we are working on and how we feel comfortable learning as a soul.  Ultimately, the goal is to experience all sides of the pendulum swing.  Some of us sign up for one Lesson, while others have multiple Lessons they want to explore. Either way, we explore each and every one of these lessons over and over again on a daily basis.

Let’s take the idea of Patience as an example.  During pre-birth planning, a soul decides that it needs to explore the Lesson of Patience. The soul adds it to their blueprint and then sets up soul contracts and experiences designed to help facilitate the learning of this lesson.  Not all the contracts and experiences will be about having patience. With every Soul Lesson there are multiple sides. You wouldn’t want to be born just experiencing being patient because that wouldn't give you the full understanding of that lesson. You’d also want to experience impatience. Remember, the goal is to experience the full pendulum swing.

There are many ways you can do this. Perhaps, you chose to live with really patient people to understand more about your lesson. Or maybe you choose the most impatient people in the world to live with because it allows you a different view point on what it means to be patient. You may have times where you are patient and periods of time where impatience rules your life. However you designed it, time and time again in that lifetime you will run into situations that allow you to learn about Patience.

Now let’s say 40 years of your life passes by and you may or may not have taken advantage of certain learning opportunities to expand your knowledge. Remember, as you learn, you have the ability to move forward in life and experience new things. If you don’t learn, then you will find yourself experiencing the same thing over and over until you finally “get” that lesson. Every time you miss an opportunity for understanding your lesson, you and your guides have a back up opportunity waiting to come into play so that you eventually learn what you need to. If you continue to ignore the lesson or not learn, these “opportunities” and experiences will keep getting more and more difficult, thus catching your attention and, hopefully, you’d finally start to learn—in this example—patience.

Many of what we perceive to be “blocks” in this lifetime are actually our Soul trying to accomplish what we set out to learn. By shining a light on what lessons we are here to work on, we can take some frustration out of the learning experience. We begin to understand the “why” of the situation. It empowers you in the learning process. Discovering your Soul Lesson can be the jumpstart you need to get you moving forward. If you’re interested in exploring this more with my help, take a look at the Chart Your Course Tarot readings that focus on soul lessons and life purpose identification. It may be just what you need!

What do you think your Soul Lessons are in this lifetime? How do they play out in your everyday life? Share in the comments below!