Soul Contracts

Soul Contracts

Learning Together

The Soul's Journey Series

A beloved pet. An intense romance. A volatile relationship. A chance meeting. What if I told you these were purposely pre-planned?

There are people we meet in life that are here to help us learn or to get us to the next place. Sometimes the experience that occurs is positive, sometimes negative. Sometimes the relationship lasts a lifetime — a parent/child relationship.  Sometimes you meet for just moments   — two strangers running into each other at a park and exchanging ideas and information. These can be Soul Contracts and they come in all shapes and sizes depending on what it is that needs to happen on both sides of the contract.

There’s a lot information floating around out there about what a Soul Contract is or isn’t. Some people view them positively.  Some people view them like some sort of bad karma. It’s never so black and white. This may differ from what you learned—and that’s ok. This is just one viewpoint on soul contracts—find the one that resonates with you.

In my experience, a soul contract is an agreement between two souls prior to incarnating on Earth. They are usually designed so that both sides learn something from the other. When I psychically “see”, it appears as a document that both souls sign. Does it really look like that? Probably not, but it does have a binding energy to it. These contracts are looked at very seriously before either party agrees to them. Both teams ofSpirit Guides help council on how the agreements will best suit everyone involved. These Contracts aren’t always sunshine and roses. Much like soul lessons, there are always multiple ways a Contract can play out based on the choices and decisions of the players at the time.  You can learn through the presence of something or through the lack of something. Soul Contracts tie directly into what we’ve chosen for our Soul Lessons.  They are here to further our growth while we are here on Earth. Like Lessons, that learning is sometimes lost because we don’t understand the experience. We don’t realize what we are supposed to be taking away from it.

Why do we sign up for these Soul Contracts at all? Think of it as a balance a yin and yang—if you are learning something you are also teaching something and vice versa. We may agree to help another soul learn something difficult in this lifetime because they helped us out last time or because it can help further our growth and lessons too. Perhaps, in order to experience your life fully you need to be in a specific location on the planet. In this case, our Contracts can help us get us to where we need to be in terms of a physical destination.

Let’s look at a few examples. A positive example of a soul contract would be this: you just moved to a new town and you’re starting over. You run into someone who has similar interests as you and you feel an immediate connection. You may even think—wow the angels have sent this person into my life! This new friend introduces you to the person that gives you the new job that changes the direction of your life and you are able to anchor into your new surroundings. The new friend fades out of the picture because you both get so busy in life it’s hard to connect, but you never forget how big of an influence they were with just those few weeks of time spent together. In terms of a contract, you and that soul agreed that when you made a big switch in your life they would help provide you with the contacts you needed to get your feet under you. You in turn helped them with something in their life, as well.

You can also have soul contracts go into affect on a Plan B type experience. Because we all have free will, sometimes the choices made aren’t great for anyone involved. These choices may activate a soul contract to help the parties move forward. Imagine this: a soul, who will be a man, is planning his life. He looks ahead and sees there’s a possibility of him dying young, but he feels that the life path, combined with the experience and learning up to that point, is very important so he agrees to take the chance and hopes the other souls involved make a different decision. His soul partner, who will be his wife in that life, is worried that she will never be able to move forward after his death. She asks another of her soul partners to agree to a soul contract that will go into affect only if her husband does indeed die young. All souls agree. They also agree to meet up 10 years prior to the possible death so that they have a connection and can make sure they all know each other before the event happens. They incarnate.  All three souls meet 10 years prior to his possible death. The husband and wife connect and get married. The third soul is friendly with both but not especially close due to circumstances of location or job change. They connect instantly but lose contact after a year.

Let’s stop here for the moment.  At this point, they all recognized that they had some deeper connection but the contract wasn’t for that time. So the other two lost contact with the one—all of them wondering, “Hey, I really liked them…I wonder whatever happened to them?”  Cut to possible early death for husband—it happens. The wife is devastated and is struggling to move forward. She makes plans to move to a different location to heal. The third soul at that time has their contract activated. Their job changes and they end up moving to the same location. The wife and third soul run into each other randomly at a restaurant similar to one they both liked ten years ago. They connect. They become the closest of friends . One soul helps the other with grieving. While in reverse, the wife helps the friend with the support they needed while they were going through a challenging life change.Do you see how all three individuals were learning from the contracts they made? It wasn’t just one-sided.

Often once a Soul Contract is fulfilled, the relationship will “run its course”.  It will either fade or end because both souls need to continue to move forward in their experience. Think of how often someone has faded from your life. Can you see what you both taught each other? Can you identify the contract? Conflict and drama occur when you try to hold on too long to your Contract.  If you can see that the relationship isn’t growing then it’s important that you let it go with love and compassion.

You can have Soul Contracts with friends, loved ones, enemies, pets... the list goes on. The important thing is really understanding what you're learning from each opportunity. They weren’t planned haphazardly. They are there for a reason. Take the time to try and identify the "why", so that you fully understand the plan.

Feel free to ask questions and share your experiences with Soul Contracts below. With the act of sharing, we all learn and gain understanding.