Life Purpose

Life Purpose

Discovering Your Soul's Work

The Soul's Journey Series

“What is my life purpose?”

We’ve all asked ourselves that question, especially when we are feeling lost, alone, or out of place.  “If I could just figure our what I am supposed to be doing, my life would fall into place!”  We think we’re missing part of the puzzle and if we could find that last piece everything would fit together and flow.  “If I knew my life purpose, my job would fall into place” or “I’d finally meet my soul mate.”  The weight and emphasis we put on this one facet of our soul planning is so heavy that we can create blocks in our life because we feel like we don’t know what we “should” be doing.  I have a secret to tell you - life purpose isn’t so specific.  I want you to think of it like a life theme not a specific purpose.

What if everyday you get up, you could experience your life purpose no matter what job you had or where you living or who you were with?  What if there was no one thing that makes up Life purpose but a series of little things that run through your life like a theme?

My friend Maria is a Healer.  She has been a healer all of her life, even when she didn’t know she was one.  She has healed situations and people just with her presence and intent.  It was not until her 40s that she became a professional healer.  Her life purpose had to develop over time into what it would become.  Maria could not have just popped out and start healing in the way she does now.  She had to develop into her gifts.  The journey was the Life Purpose - not the job.  She understands this now, but it wasn’t always so clear.  The tag line on her email is so telling:

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

You may not see the whole “staircase” of your life purpose, but if you keep asking the right questions and take the first step, eventually you will find it - just like Maria did.

In her words:

As many children do, I lived in my own world a good part of the time.  I was a very sensitive and feeling child.  I have heard this my entire life, “You are so sensitive Maria!”.   Little did I know that my sensitivity was both a wonderful gift and sometimes a gift I wished I could return.  I also loved being alone - was it because I had four older brothers?  Perhaps - but I also just enjoyed my own company.  I would easily get overwhelmed with noise and crowds, being alone balanced my energies and made me feel calm and happy.

As I grew older, I started to notice I would chose certain items while shopping simply because of how I felt when I held it.  There could be seven cans of soda in front of me, but I knew which one to purchase by the way I felt when holding it.  I was learning an important lesson: Everything is Energy.  I was choosing items by the way they resonated with my own energy.

Around high school age, I noticed people would be attracted to me, as if they were comforted just by being in my presence.  I seemed to attract the broken ones, whose spirit wasn’t so sure who they were supposed to be.

As I became a young adult, people would ask me to pray for them because they said I have “a direct connection to God” and my prayers always seemed to yield positive results.  Little did I know I was healing back then - combining my intention, energy and prayer.  Even now, strangers will approach me and tell me their life story.  They can sense my healing energy and are drawn to it.

My prayers and energy were definitely healing for others, as well as myself.  I wondered if that was ‘normal’ for everyone, but I knew it wasn’t.  I felt special, like no one else in the world... and I loved it!

My healing abilities became even more evident after I had children.  I wanted to know more about what other things I could do and who I was.  My dreams were prophetic.  I would have visitations from loved ones in spirit and be able to deliver messages for them.  Something was evolving within me that was magical and divine and out of this world!  I secretly embraced it.

Eventually, I found out I wasn’t weird.  I was gifted.  Over the next couple of years my gifts expanded.  New gifts opened up and the reality of what I thought my world was, was replaced with a new found freedom.  A freedom to be my authentic self.  But how exactly would I do this?  What would my family and friends think of me?

I knew I couldn’t help people truly heal until I myself was healed from self-defeating belief patterns.  Every now and then I still need a “tune-up”.  And it goes without saying, although I am saying it here… always use your powers for good!  This is what God has put me here to do, to help people and animals heal on a variety of levels.  I am living my soul’s purpose and have never been happier.  Thank you God!

Do you see how Maria’s gifts were always working and evolving?  How her life purpose - the purpose of her life - was happening even when she didn’t know what it was?  From a very young age, Maria was using her energy gifts in the most simple of ways, but she was developing them for bigger things.  If she hadn’t tested them out then, then she may not be where she is today!

Maria took the first step, after her children were born, and embraced who she had always been.  Life purpose is happening to you now, I guarantee it.  You just need to take a step back and see how it’s playing out in this moment of your life.  It’s a thing that constantly shifts and changes, while staying true at it’s core.  Once you identify it, you can make the move to push it to the forefront of any life area.

You can find Maria healing people, animals, and doing spirit communication at  I highly recommend her for her Emotion Code work with both people and animals.  This work has yielded amazing results in my household!