July Soul Reading: Finding Your Direction

Finding Your Direction

Understanding How to Get Back on Your Path

July 2016 Soul Reading: A Five Part Series

Ceccoli Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli

The Chariot~Reversed

Do you feel that you have lost your way or strayed from your path? Perhaps, you don’t even know where your path is and what it looks like. It’s left you feeling frustrated and confused. You feel that other people’s needs and wants are coming before your own. It’s not selfish to want more out of life. This month it’s time to take back some of your time. It’s time to re-discover your life direction.

Life Direction is fluid. At one point in our journey, it could represent as one thing and at a moment's notice it can change. Parenthood is a great example of this. One moment you are a singular person focusing on your needs and the next there is this little person needing so much more. Out of love, you make the change and help grow and nurture this soul. What can happen, though,  is that you loose focus of your direction and it can be hard to get that moving forward again.

Whenever you get a lot of reversed cards in a Soul Reading, it’s a message to let you know that you are learning the flip side of a lesson currently and through the flip side a more deeper understanding. It can be more challenging than the upright lessons at time, but you walk a way with a greater understanding.

Our life direction can represent in many different ways. It could be a hobby that we are passionate about, our spiritual life, or our job. There is no one right way to embark. The key is do find activities and beliefs that support you. Our Guides will lead us on a journey of self discovery this month. Each week we will work on something new that will get us pointed in the direction that fulfills us.

How do you get your soul compass pointed in the right direction? We will dive beneath the surface to see where you are presently. We will also re-evaluate what you want out of life and get the fires burning again, winding up with some action steps to get you started immediately.

Willpower alone doesn’t always help us reach our destination. In order to learn how to use your soul compass in its current form, you need to take a step back and do some inner work first, making your foundations strong for the journey ahead.

Crystal Helper: Rhodonite Turtle

Rhodonite helps you to discover your gifts, talents, and passions. Working with your Heart Chakra, it will bring you the strength to discover your life direction and find the opportunities to support it.

Have you heard the phrase “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”? A turtle animal totem reminds you to slow down and enjoy the journey. Turtle medicine also helps you stay grounded and walk your path, while giving you strength to move forward.

July's Soul Reading beings with Part Two: Going Beneath the Surface

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