July Soul Reading, Part Four: Igniting the Fire

Igniting the Fire

Five of Pentacles Reversed

July Soul Reading: Part Four of Five

Five of Pentacles Reversed from the Ceccoli Tarot

It’s time to refill the empty vessel. Point the compass in the direction where the fires burn. Ignite your passions this week and refill that spiritual void.

When you’ve felt like you have been in a desert and there’s no end in sight, believing that you can get your compass working again, may be difficult, but it is possible. To find your direction you must have a passion fueling the work. What are you passionate about? What are you really good at? What do you want to share with the world?

This week get the fires burning by taking a class or going on an adventure that you’ve been wanting to do. The key here is "wanting" and "adventure".  It has to be something that isn't part of your normal everyday pattern. It could be taking a group meditation class, going kayaking, seeing beautiful gardens. It needs to be something that would make you inspired. Make solids plans with friends or family and follow through. You’re also going to create a short term and long term “bucket” list of things that fulfill you and inspire you.

Action Steps:

  • Make a “bucket list” of activities you’ve always wanted to do. Make sure to include a few that will be easy to accomplish this month or the next. What does something fun have to do with my life direction?? This activity is going to be the jumping off point for you in terms of finding your direction again. It doesn’t have to be big, but you do have to do it. It’s like getting the ball rolling. Once it starts, it will help you pick up momentum.
  • Split the list into categories. Maybe "Long Term" and "Short Term" or "Right Now" and "Future".
  • Work out the details of how you will make your easy “bucket list” item a reality by the end of the month. Details and timelines help us make things happen. If you say, I'll do this sometime this month, but don't have a plan, then it won't happen.   Example: I always wanted to go to the Newport Mansions in Rhode Island during the summer to see the gardens. When I lived on Cape Cod, it was an easy hour drive. I never did it because I never worked up a plan to accomplish it and the busy-ness of everyday life got in the way. Don’t be me. Go see the “houses”.

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