July 25th: Transition & Change

Transition & Change: Judgement Reversed

from the Fantastical Creatures Tarot

July 25th Weekly Reading

Judgment ~ Fantastical Creatures Tarot by Lisa Hunt

When we are in the midst of a big transition or a lot of change is happening around us, we can panic and start to doubt ourselves. This freezes our ability to move forward, limiting our growth and the ability to see the opportunities in front of us. Take a deep breath and don't judge yourself too harshly. There's a lot of intense energy, so don't let that feeling of overwhelm seep into all the hard work you've been doing this summer. Trust that the plan you put in place is working and take a few more baby steps forward to keep the momentum up. If you truly feel like you have no idea what you're doing this week, take time to meditate, ground, and get back in touch with nature. This will bring some relief to the dis-ease you are experiencing. Show yourself gentleness, kindness, and compassion, just as you would to a friend who is going through a rough patch.

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