August Soul Reading, Part Three: Group Infusion

Group Infusion of Energy

Three of Pentacles

August Soul Reading: Part Three of Five

We continue to look deeper into why we experiences periods of delay. This week we look into how a group infusion of energy can help us move forward.

Issue #2: Does this sound like you? You do everything yourself without outside help. Through sheer force of will you push projects through to the end. If you could just work harder, better, faster, you could make this change or project happen.

Well guess what? You actually need a group infusion of energy to get the ball rolling again. Don’t get me wrong, working by ourselves is great. We can focus on what we want. We can control the timeline and when everything happens. However, sometimes we need the energy and ideas of others to bring our work to the next level.

Fix: If you’ve stopped in your tracks, now is the time to reach out for help from your Tribe. Breathe life back into your work and pick a few trusted people to help you get started. They may just give you ideas or feedback or maybe they actually jump in and help you do the work. It’s your choice. By spreading some of the load to people who want to help you, you can create the space to envision new ideas.

Action Steps: First Determine what kind of help you are looking for. Are you looking for feedback or specific ideas? Are you looking for someone to execute your ideas and help with the work load? It’s imperative you figure out what kind of help you’re willing to accept.

Next, ask at least one person for help or their opinions on the area you feel has slowed to a halt. They may have some great input or see the situation in another way that opens doors for you and gets you moving again. Write their ideas and thoughts down and see how you can apply them to what you’ve already accomplished.

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Golden Tarot of Klimt by A. Atanassov ©2005 Lo Scarabeo srl, via Cigna 110, 10155 Torino, Italy. All rights reserved, used by permission.