August Soul Reading, Part Five: Ignoring Your Calling

Ignoring Your Calling

Judgement Reversed

August Soul Reading: Part Five of Five

You have a vision. You have a goal in mind. You know what you want, but you fail to stop and ask yourself if it is what you need or the way to get it. You develop tunnel vision and hyper focus on the end result, not realizing that the Universe is trying to point you in a different direction.

So to get your attention, "They" start slow you down, hoping you will notice. You don’t. Opportunities start to dry up because you are no longer going with the “flow”. One morning you wake up and realize you are stagnant, but don’t know why. No matter how hard you push, you make no progress. You are in a period of forced rest. Your Team is hoping that if they create enough space, you will realize that you need to grow in a different direction.

We have many “callings” in our life. They don’t just happen once and if you miss it, well tough luck. As long as we are open to learning from our mistakes, we can easily discover what our calling is on this section of the journey. We just have to take a step back and see the opportunities being presented to us.

Fix: Take a step back and take a break. Giving yourself the space to take another look at what you are doing and why will help you determine if this period of suspension is a forced break designed to help you switch directions

Action Steps: Look at what has stalled out. Write the area(s) down. Now ask yourself this: Do I still want it? Is it in my highest and best? Maybe you do and maybe it is, but realize it needs to take a different shape or form. Maybe you realize it isn't and let it go.

Next, write down other opportunities being presented to you at this time. Why have you not taken advantage of them? Maybe you can’t identify any other opportunities. If that’s the case, then look at other areas of your life you are passionate about. Let this current goal go for a bit and pick up the reins of an alternative project, for the time being. It may give you the much needed space to see your main goal in a different light.

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Golden Tarot of Klimt by A. Atanassov ©2005 Lo Scarabeo srl, via Cigna 110, 10155 Torino, Italy. All rights reserved, used by permission.