New Year, New Soul Resolutions

New Year, New Soul Resolutions

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New Year’s Day. So many things to do: Celebrations to ring in the New Year? Check. Resolutions made? Check. Total Life Make Over Ready to Go? Check. (I joke, sort of)

The New Year: Full of hope and possibility. Unless, apparently you are me. I woke up this morning with the worst anxiety. The. Worst. There was no happy, just this panic—like I had missed the train or something and there wasn’t going to be another one. I started thinking about all the things I hadn’t done this year, this week, yesterday. I was thinking, “I missed something last year! What was it? Can I fix it? I should have…”  I didn’t know what hadn’t been done(well I do, a list list of stuff from over the last two weeks was staring at me), but clearly from the anxiety hanging over me it was something big. I had missed an opportunity--or so I thought.

Panic has never done me any favors, so I took a few deep breaths and tried to talk myself down from the ledge. I gave up and decided to take a salt shower to wash away 2016, instead. Some of my greatest ideas come to me in the shower and fortunately today was no exception:

I hadn’t missed anything. In fact, I was reminded that it’s rare in life where we “miss” something completely. Usually, the universe brings it round in a different form, if we really need to learn or fulfill something.

This overwhelm was stemming from the “possibility” of the new year. It was all the amazing things to come and my intuitive self was picking up on that energy. I was overwhelmed from the possibility, not the lack thereof. Totally different.

I calmed down a bit. Meditated a bit. Found out from my Spirit Team that this year was going to be a big year of laying foundations for new things and building new things. Lots of ground work. Lots of work! Just more of stepping into my light and into who I really am. Panic subsided. Curiosity took over. Now I’m in a space to do something positive.

My point of the story is this. New Year’s resolutions are great. New Year’s energy is great. All this talk of change and betterment is great, but sometimes they are the wrong things to focus on. Sometimes it’s about not knowing the specifics of what you are going to change. Sometimes you just have to venture into the unknown of it all. That’s where the Magic lies.

Losing weight, working out, traveling more—these are worthy goals but they aren’t THE goal. Finding self worth, finding empowerment, being curious—these are the actual goals. Those other things are just facets of that.

So this New Year, take a look at your resolutions. What are they really saying to you? What are you really trying to tell yourself? Step into your light. Let go of the details. Work on the Soul Stuff. I guarantee that when 2017 ends, you will be happier, more whole, more at peace and ready to take on 2018 with a vengeance.

My Soul Resolutions for the Year of 2017:

  • Reach out. Understand I’m not alone. I will ask for help from friends, family and my Guides on a regular basis. Then I will step back and let them help.
  • Trust. I will trust the universe is working on things, by showing up every day ready to work.
  • Love. I will love my self more, therefore allowing me to spread love to others.
  • Forgive. I will forgive myself more. This will result in me being more forgiving of others and less critical all around.
  • Release. I will release what weighs me down. This could be material, spiritual, emotional, or physical. If it doesn’t lift me up, it doesn’t need to be in my story.
  • Learn. I will learn from the opportunities and challenges presented to me. This may mean some difficult times, but I will come out stronger and more aware of who I am. I will continue to work on my Soul Lessons and Contracts that I designed to help me get the most out of this life.

What are your Soul Resolutions going to be? Share in the comments below!

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