Empath First Aid

Empath First Aid

10 Things to Help You Re-balance

The Empath's Journey Series

Have you been saying to yourself: "I'm so tired, but I have no idea why" or "I feel zapped but there's no reason for it". Maybe the reason is that your Empathic Self needs a little self care.

Let’s face it, there are just some moments in time when the energy is so high and charged and conflicting that empaths are more susceptible to burn out. It’s too much to process and filter. Everything shuts down. We feel our energy lagging. Our anxiety rising. Maybe even a little depressed. We may even overeat to help with the overload. We’re not grounded and we can’t see a way out.

This is ok. Don’t judge yourself or beat yourself up over it, but do take it seriously. I have collected a few ideas and exercises that I find to be helpful when I’ve gone off the "empathic deep end". I hope this helps give you a hand up and out of your “funk”.

  1. Recognize and acknowledge your funk. This is the most important step. If you don’t acknowledge that you haven’t been taking care of yourself or are in a funk, you can’t help yourself. Give into it. This may mean a good cry about it. Some of you may get angry. Some of you may have to sleep 12 hours. Do what you need to do to come to terms with the empathic drain and where you are now. Then pick yourself up and grab your first aid kit and dig in.
  2. Salt baths. I like to immediately hop into a salt bath and get rid of all the extra stuff hanging on to my energy body. I usually put a few drops of lavender oil in to help me relax. I can feel the day/week/month/year just start to melt off. While I’m in the bath, I take time to really visualize all the extra tensions and emotions falling off into the tub and going down the drain. When I get out, I feel like I am capable of handling what comes my way.
  3. Ground Yourself. Go hug a tree. Go play in the dirt. Go on a quiet hike. Do a grounding meditation. Grounding yourself is key to getting your empath spin out under control. You can’t accomplish anything unless you are in your body. As empaths, we like to float in and out because we don’t feel as much when we are out. However, this isn't really helpful because we are still processing all that energetic stuff even though we aren’t feeling it. Get back in your body even if it’s uncomfortable at first. All the other first aid suggestions will be 10 times more effective if you do.
  4. Figure out what’s yours. Next sit down and make a list of all the things you are feeling. Sad, mad, stressed, depressed, wired, tired, hungry -- whatever it is put it all down. Then take a moment and ask yourself: Is this mine? It may not be. You may very well be carrying around and processing emotions that belong to someone else. Kindly ask your Guide Team to take away any of the emotions that aren’t yours. Now look at yourself again. What’s left? you may find that your list shrinks dramatically.(This is a great exercise to do if you are out and about in a busy area and feel random sadness, body pain, etc.)
  5. Put up your filters. Just because we can feel everything doesn't mean we need to. This is where filtering comes in handy. Ideas to filter? You could visualize a beautiful bubble where things just bounce or slide off of it. Encase yourself in one side a blue figure eight and put the stressful situation in the other side. See Archangel Michael’s wings wrapping around you. Ask your Guardian Angel or Protector guide or Animal Guide to walk with you and help protect you. Whatever you do, put your filter into place. You may have to do this several times a day, at first. This will help keep out the stuff that isn’t for your highest and best—think of it as emotional junk mail. Toss it out and keep yourself clean.
  6. Crystals. Crystals are an Empath's best friend. It can be an easy fix when you don't have the energy to do much. I wear Labradorite almost every single day. It’s a great filter crystal and helps the wearer to establish healthy boundaries. Tiger’s Eye is great for protection. Smoky Quartz and Carnelian are perfect for grounding and staying grounded. You can wear them as jewelry or put them in your pockets or on your desk. Although it’s not a crystal, I love Himalayan Salt lamps as well. I have them all over the house and my office. They help clear the space and myself. You can even rub your hands on them if you want.
  7. Smudge. Sometimes you just need a little smudge smoke to really clear your space and yourself. I love to clear my house at least once a season. I’ll clear the bedrooms daily, if the energy is really intense. I always clear myself before and after meditation, large gatherings, or intuitive work.
  8. Social Media and News Fast. This means ALL news and ALL social media sites. Turn off the TV and the computer.  I don’t care if all those cat videos and babies are what you go on there for. Your energy connects with EVERYTHING via the computer or TV. Good and Bad. Stay off of the social media and news outlets and you’ll start to feel lighter on Day One. I like to do this fast for a minimum of 4 weeks sometimes longer. The longer, the better. You won’t be adding anymore gunk to your energy body while you do this and it will make the re-balancing process easier.
  9. Stay way from the drama. This could mean the election/political drama. This could mean family drama or friend drama. You don’t need to engage. You can tell your more dramatic friends that you are taking some time to regroup. You love them, but you need space to recharge. They’ll get it or they won’t. If they don’t, you don’t need them anyway.
  10. "Dumping Journal". Colette Baron-Reid has a great exercise that she calls a "dumping grounds journal"(See the book Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much). Instead of calling your friends or family when something crazy or intense happens, you dump it into the journal. It’s takes the energy out of it. Think of it this way: every time you tell that story about fill-in-the-blank you relive that and re-feel it. Do you really want to relive/re-feel that story ten times as you tell ten different people?? No. So go dump it. You may find it’s enough to just write it down that you don’t need to spread the drama yourself. Follow it up with a separate list of things you are grateful for. This balances the energy out so you end up attracting more things you’re grateful for, rather than leaving it on the dumping energy.
  11. Bonus! Sleep. This is so important that I included it as #11. When we’ve spun out we sometimes don’t get enough sleep or our sleep isn't really restful. Take that cat nap. Go to bed early. Sleep in. You need it. Do it.

These are just a few ways that you can improve your Empath Self starting today. Do you have ways of healing your Empath Self? Share them with us in the comments below!