What is an Empath?

What is an Empath?

People Who Feel Intensely

The Empath's Journey

Many people will tell you that Empaths are people who feel too much. While it's true that we feel a lot, I don’t like that definition. I’d rather think that we are individuals who feel intensely. Too much makes it sound like we are broken or have a flaw—which we don’t!

So what is an Empath? It’s a person who possesses the psychic gift of clairsentience. They can feel other people’s, animal’s, and the earth’s emotions and physical symptoms. This isn’t like having empathy and understanding what someone could be feeling. Empaths actually feel the sadness, the stress, the headache, etc. Most untrained Empaths can’t even tell what is theirs and what is someone else’s. It can feel like a curse when uncontrolled, but in reality it’s a gift. A really important gift that allows them to help Earth heal and bring compassion and understanding to the world like no one else does.

So how do you know if you’re an empath? Here are a few things that may tell you that you have empathic tendencies:

  • Other people’s moods affect you. When you walk into a room, you take on the emotional state of the people there. A great example of this is you are in a really good mood and then walk into a store and just like that you are cranky, tired, and over it. In addition to their moods, you may also feel their physical pains and aches.
  • All your senses are on high alert. You are overwhelmed by strong smells, bright lights, loud sounds. You could even be hyper aware about how your clothing or bedding feels on your body. If it doesn’t feel “just right”, you may have to change or switch until you’re comfortable. You may catch yourself saying, "Did you hear that? Did you smell that?" Leaving the people around you baffled and staring at you.
  • This sensitivity extends to the media around you, as well. You can be moved to tears by art, film, music, or television. At the same time you avoid violent TV, music and films because they are too intense. Facebook can leave you feeling drained and overwhelmed. The news tears your heart out.
  • People accuse you of being “oversensitive” or “too emotional”. Do you feel like people are mad at you, but when you ask them what’s wrong, they say “Nothing”? That’s because you are picking up on their emotional state that has nothing to do with you! You could sit down next to someone and immediately feel drained and tired. And it doesn’t just stop with people—weather and global events can leave you feeling raw and overworked. You can pick up their grief or their depression and it feels like your own.
  • You are able to approach someone and just“know” what to do to make them feel comfortable. In addition, people or even strangers may approach you and confide their most intimate details of life. Have you ever been at the grocery store and have a stranger approach you and start telling you their life story? Your empath energy makes people feel like you understand them. It can also be a way of them clearing themselves, by using you as filtering device.
  • You avoid large groups of people. It makes you feel zapped, tired, or anxious. You may arrange your day so that you avoid busy places with lots going on. You may find an excuse to not attend those family reunions or Holiday parties. When you do attend, you’re anxious, nervous, or overwhelmed. You may even get headaches or find yourself hiding in a corner.
  • Your weight fluctuates up and down even though you haven’t changed your diet or exercise routine. You may have a very hard time loosing weight no matter what you do. Empaths love to use weight as a protection mechanism. They also love to use food as a grounding tool or to numb themselves out. They also tend to have their cortisol out of whack because they are constantly on high alert due to the overwhelm.
  • You’re tired. A lot. Yes, your fatigue may be a symptom of something going on with your health, but it can also be a sign that you are empathic. Angry people will make you tired. You sleep better when you’re by yourself. Large groups make you tired. Everything makes you tired--even happy occasions.
  • You require alone time to feel rejuvenated. You may go to large gatherings or have a really busy day only to rush home and crawl under the covers to decompress. You need a lot of alone time to feel balanced, rested, and ready to face the outside world.
  • Emotional explosions are another tip off. You’re fine…you’re fine….you’re fine….YOU’RE NOT! We can only take on so many emotions before we overload and explode. It's a way of purging the excess emotions.

Do any of these resonate with you? Do ALL of these resonate with you?? You may be an Empath! Check out the next installment of the Empath’s Journey where I address the idea of an Empath First Aid Kit to help you re-balance. Later in the series, we will look at what types of empaths there are, which careers tend to attract empaths, how you can use your gift productively and much more!