In the Midst of Chaos

In the Midst of Chaos

Morning Reflections

What if chaos and conflict were here to help us restructure? Would that change the way you think about events and situations both on a global and personal level? What if we made a conscious decision to regard these ideas without fear? To see them as helpful tools in our life?

The image for me that keeps coming to mind is a blizzard. In the middle of it, the snow is blowing and the storm is raging. You can hear the wind howling and beating against your house. You can’t see more than two feet in front of you. You hear branches cracking and falling. You fear the worse. You think there must be so much destruction and chaos happening out there. The lack of sun and light only makes it more confusing.  You think it will never end.

And then it stops. And you look out your window. And you see a beautiful, perfect landscape—untouched, waiting with potential. The branches you heard falling were dead branches, things those trees no longer needed. Those branches were actually inhibiting their ability to grow. The blowing wind swept away cluttering debris. The darkness was only temporary.  Now that the sun is shining, you can’t even recalled why you were scared or afraid. The white of the snow allows you to see everything so very clearly—and it’s so peaceful and quiet.

This blizzard is a lot like what happens to us in life when chaos and conflict sweep in. We don’t understand why everything is being tossed about. We can’t see through our own fear to look at the bigger picture. All we see in front of us is what isn’t working, what’s bothering us, and who’s bothering us. We aren’t able to figure out the “why” of it and we get upset. We feel lost and in the dark.

But like the blizzard, these times of chaos and conflict are leading us to this beautiful and necessary reorganization. It’s clearing out the junk, so we have room for something new and different. Like Nature de-clutters during a storm, the world is doing that right now. We just need to wait for the snow to settle and the winds to stop. Then, we need to be ready to start anew. Ready to move into the next landscape of our lives.

Look at the chaos in your life. Look at the conflict with new eyes—it’s allowing you to rebuild stronger than ever. Think about it as an opportunity to restructure and identify what isn’t working for you. Do this from a place of love. Fear has no place in this process. It’s time to grow. It’s time to start over. Accept life’s challenge and trust that when the snow settles, you’ll be ready to grow again.