Accept Yourself

The Mary-El Tarot

The Mary-El Tarot

9 of Cups Reversed | Page of Wands Reversed

The challenge this week is to accept who and what you are, as you are, in this moment. You are miracle. Just by being here and being alive, you are magic.

It’s hard to remember that fact in everyday life. It’s much easier to see what is going wrong or what our challenges are then it is to see how magical we are. We see everything we need to fix or change about ourselves, but we don’t take the time to celebrate how far we’ve come and the goodness that is inside of us.

Take a few minutes today to tune into your heart. Use it as a compass to navigate past all that “junk” that is so easy to see. Go deeper and find that spark within. Do you see how beautiful it is? How bright? That is you! You’re an amazing light. Shove aside the fears and challenges and let your light shine through a bit today. Create a “wonderful” list. What makes you magic? What makes you wonderful? What are your gifts, your talents? Share at least one thing below that helps you celebrate who you are at your very core. Ask yourself: What does my heart want me to celebrate?

Cards used were from The Mary-El Tarot by Marie White published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.