Be the New Beginning

Be the New Beginning

A weekly reading

April 23, 2017

Six of Fire, High Priestess, Page of Fire

We are in the midst of a world full of fear right now. Fear of the unknown. Fear of each other. Fear of what is different. We can no longer deny the shadow side of our world. It’s rising up to be healed and to be seen. What can we do to help navigate the fear, the healing, the change? We are all being called to shine bright right now—to be beacons in the dark. Shining bright can be a little scary at first. It means we have to accept our unique selves for all that they are. But once you accept it and let it shine, you can make changes in your community.

It’s not so much about forcing change as it is about BEING the change. By healing yourself, you heal others. By learning from the past, you help others to learn. Inspire others by your example. You can’t change anyone’s mind who doesn’t want it changed, but by being a peaceful, compassionate and empathetic person, you are creating an environment where change is possible.

How can you successfully do this? Tap into your intuition. Now more than ever we need to be connected to a higher source and to our higher selves. The more in tune we are with Spirit, the greater ability we have to help. It doesn’t matter how you are most comfortable with connecting. It could be meditating, going to church, a special ritual. It’s up to you. The important part is that you do it. It allows you to tap into a “higher wisdom”, which will allow you to navigate this new landscape we are living in with more ease and love.

The result? You change the energy surrounding you, thus changing the energy in your home, community, and world.  You are co-creating a new future that moves people out of fear and into love, by just being your unique self. The change and healing starts within you—not outside of you. Come from a place of centered-ness and love--you will see the change you are looking for. YOU are the New Beginning.

The deck used today is called The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid, published by Hay House Publishing.