Being Human & Under Construction~Part One

Change is an inevitable and welcomed part of my life--even when it throws me for a loop. Two big things happened this summer in the change department. One was planned, one was not. Such is life. The one that was planned was a promise I made to myself. This summer, I was going to focus on “being human”.

You may ask, Why in the world would a human need to focus on being itself?? Well, being human can be really hard, at times. I like to avoid hard things sometimes because you know, I’m human. Even when I was a kid, I’d love to drift off and be somewhere else. I decided this summer to focus on being really present in the now.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Another contributing factor is that I also tend to leave my body a lot with my work. I’m off whirling around with Spirit and pondering life’s questions for myself and others and I can get sort of lost. I stop paying attention to the whole reason I came down in the first place—which is to experience being human. From time to time, to reign my soul back into it’s body, I decide to take a break with work and really just go enjoy earth and it’s people.

It’s been a success. My kiddo and I have traveled a lot—Minnesota, Washington D.C. and various parts of Alaska. In Minnesota, we just took time to “be” and enjoy everything that a Minnesota summer has to offer: fields, creeks, woods and family. It was fairy magic and games and summer weather and what we both needed.

Library of Congress

Washington DC was a bit different. It was a dual fold trip: part play, part work. The play was filling up on museums and art. Allowing our brains to get filled with beautiful images, wonderful monuments and fascinating information, we left full and happy. The work part was that we attended the Mom’s Clean Air Force Play-in. It’s like a sit-in but with games. We went to Washington DC to express our concerns about the environment and climate change. We got to march, sit-in, and meet with the offices of our state senators. It was an eye opening experience that I’m still digesting. I don’t feel like I made a difference, but sometimes we never see the true effect of our attempts at making the world better. Hopefully, on some energetic level we helped to shift things.

Hall of Gems, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

Our Alaska fun has been all about the midnight sun and hiking and oceans and wildlife and fishing and rainy days and nature gazing. This may be our last summer here and I am going to make the most of it. All in all, an absolutely delightful summer full of adventures.

With every planned change, there will always be an unplanned version. Head on over to Part Two for more information about "Being Under Construction".


Old Woman Mountain, Kodiak, AK

Old Woman Mountain, Kodiak, AK