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Create Your Own Calendar

A friend called me a few mornings ago,”So you know there’s a full moon with a lunar eclipse and it’s messing around with your rising sign of Leo, right?” My response, “Huh, I knew I seemed a little more crazy as of late. Thanks for the heads up.” Then another friend called later in the day, “Hey did you know that the Lion’s Gate is opening soon??” “Lion’s what?” “Lion’s gate! I’ll send you the article.” Another friend texted, “When does Mercury Retrograde start? I want to be prepared!”

I don’t know about you, but it seems like everywhere I turn there’s some “huge”  energetic event that’s going to throw me for a loop, like a lunar eclipse or a solar eclipse or the lion’s gate opening or mercury retrograde or a full moon or a new moon.

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Being Human & Under Construction~Part Two

While the Being Human part was the planned summer change, the other thing that happened was totally, 100% unplanned. I went into a phase like I like to call “under construction”.  It’s kind of like the road construction you see in the summer. A ton of roads all blocked off, traffic backed up—it’s a mess— but an organized mess— with the intention that at the end everything will run better. I think I’m getting back to the point where I can reopen all the lanes. I think. I won’t rush it, though. I’m still just going with the flow.

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The Courage to Change Your Fate

Destiny. Fate. These are big words that can evoke excitement or dread, depending who you ask. I’m here to remind you that your Fate is not predetermined. No matter where you are born or what people expect of you, you still have control over your life. Are some people born into more difficult environments and situations? YES, but even they have control over their destiny. No one else.

So how is it that psychics can “tell the future”, if our lives aren’t predestined to go a certain direction? Psychics and intuitives can follow the energy trail and see where you may end up due to your actions, beliefs, soul lessons, and soul purpose.  Just because they can read that energy and predicted where you are most probably headed, your life is not predestined. Don’t like the outcome of a reading or what your oracle cards are saying? You can change the it at any time. You can change where the energy flows by changing what you are doing and how you are reacting to things.

We create the world around us with our thoughts, actions, and words. If you don’t like where you are going, you can make a different choice. You can choose a different path. You control who you are and what you become—it’s not under control of the Fates.

Living life this way—knowing you can change—requires a level of courage and bravery. You now know you have more responsibility and play a huge part in where you are, compared to people who just let things fall where they may. You live knowing you have the power to affect change in your life, if you choose to do so. When you understand this, you won’t be able to let yourself just sit and be stuck. You owe it to yourself to step up and be responsible for this journey. You are in control of you—no one else—and how you react to the situations and people you encounter while here on earth. My hope you for you is that you find the courage to step into and embrace your soul purpose fully. May you find the courage to make a difference in your life and those around you because you choose to do so. Step into your destiny and guide it like a captain on a ship. Step fully into your Light. Open your arms wide a greet it with enthusiasm and hope and joy.

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Soul Whispers

What does your Soul whisper to you? What does your inner voice say? Do you listen? Or do you push it aside and hide from it? How often do we block these whispers out because we think it’s silly or we can’t accomplish it or because someone tells us no? How often do we deny who we are because it’s easier to keep doing the same thing than it is to find the courage to follow out True North?

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The Unique Filter of You

You are unique. There is no other soul on this planet that is like you. Your soul lessons, your life purpose, your experiences—they make up this “unique filter of you”. How do you discover what makes you unique? Well, the first step is accepting yourself fully and loving yourself unconditionally. If you constantly push away what makes you different, then you never will truly discover what makes you unique.

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Life: Uncharted Adventure

Life is always an adventure--an ever changing path. It’s a good thing I’ve learned to love adventures! If you had asked me 15 years ago where I would be, I never would have said living in Alaska being a medium and intuitive advisor. I would have come up with a list of other things: World Traveler, Singer, Actor, Vocal Coach. I would’ve said I’d be living in: New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Savannah, Hong Kong. This is what makes our journey here on Earth so amazing and sometimes scary: We never know what is coming next and where it might lead us.

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A Little Bit of Magic

There’s something about being whisked away into a child’s imagination. Anything is possible. Every story a new adventure to be had. My daughter reminds me of this daily. The most recent example: Her love of Disney movies. Yes those epic, usually song filled, masterpieces for the eye and the imagination. I got caught up in her most recent adventure down the Disney rabbit hole and was really surprised at what I found waiting for me: Soul Wisdom.

That’s right, Disney has got some gems hidden away in their movies and their music. Disney artists are a creative bunch and clearly tapped into something pretty amazing. This all started because we’re headed out on vacation this week and we are making a brief stop at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World before we reach our final destination. My young daughter has Disney on the brain and has been listening to the music and watching the films since Christmas. She says she needs to “catch up” on all things Disney before we go. She clearly has my research oriented brain.

At first, I didn’t pay much attention to what was being said. After all, I have seen these films a million times. But then something funny happenened: as these songs and movies were playing in the background I noticed there was some really deep soul stuff embedded in there! I’ve decided to collect some of my favorite quotes and expand on them with a bit of Soul Wisdom.  Just something fun for you, while I’m off adventuring.

So for the next few weeks, let the Magic take you someplace you haven’t gone before—on an adventure of your very own….I hope you enjoy!

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