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Goddess Power Oracle: A Deck Review

I just received Colette Baron-Reid’s new oracle deck, Goddess power, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! As you may know, I’m a big fan of her decks. All of them are incredibly powerful and connected.

Goddess Power comes beautifully packaged in a large box that contains the deck and the large guidebook. Once again, they’ve used a beautiful ribbon…

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Enchanted Map Oracle

Some people would love to start using cards to work on their intuitive or divination skills, but how do you start?  Tarot can be overwhelming for a beginner - especially if they are trying to learn it on their own.  There’s tons of cards, lots of different meanings, and 100s of layouts.  When someone approaches me about learning how to do card readings, I tell them to start with Oracle Cards.

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Angel Prayers Oracle

I wanted to review an Angel Oracle deck this month because a lot of people ask, “What deck is right for me?”  There are A LOT of Angel Decks out there.  I know I haven’t seen or worked with all of them, but I have worked with quite a few.  Some are good, some are awful, and some are confusing.  So when I recommend a deck, I want it to be really good, easy to use, and really able to dig in there and address all parts of life - not just the fluffy ones.  While I can’t say that Angel Prayers Oracle by Kyle Gray is perfect for everyone, I can say “This is one amazing deck!”

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