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August Soul Reading, Part Four: Being Accountable

Feel like all your efforts have left you frozen or stuck? Sometimes the solution is as simple as holding yourself accountable. It may be uncomfortable, but sometimes we think we are working harder than we actually are. The other side of this can be that you are working hard, but because of lack of accountability, you are focusing in the wrong areas.

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July Soul Reading, Part Four: Igniting the Fire

It’s time to refill the empty vessel. Point the compass in the direction where the fires burn. Ignite your passions this week and refill that spiritual void.

When you’ve felt like you have been in a desert and there’s no end in sight, believing that you can get your compass working again, may be difficult. But it is possible. To find your direction you must have a passion fueling the work. What are you passionate about? What are you really good at? What do you want to share with the world?

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How to Use Tarot to Explore Your Soul Lessons

We’ve spent all of June learning about the different aspects of your Soul’s Journey, this month I want to empower you to move forward and start to discover your own personal path. I’ve really focused on the Mediumship aspect of discovering your Soul Journey. Tarot is recognized around the world as a great way to connect with the Divine, so why not use it to delve into a pre-birth soul plan.

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Life Purpose

“What is my life purpose?”

We’ve all asked ourselves that question, especially when we are feeling lost, alone, or out of place.  “If I could just figure our what I am supposed to be doing, my life would fall into place!”  We think we’re missing part of the puzzle and if we could find that last piece everything would fit together and flow.  “If I knew my life purpose, my job would fall into place” or “I’d finally meet my soul mate.”  The weight and emphasis we put on this one facet of our soul planning is so heavy that we can create blocks in our life because we feel like we don’t know what we “should” be doing.  I have a secret to tell you - life purpose isn’t so specific

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Soul Lessons

I often hear, "I'm blocked. I'm just not moving forward and I don't know why." What if those "blocks" were actually learning opportunities? What if I told you one of the main reasons you were here on Earth right now was to learn—to learn more about yourself as a soul and to understand the human experience more completely? If you always stayed on the Other Side, you’d never fully experience who you are.  Part of achieving this understanding is choosing your Soul Lessons to work on each lifetime.

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Your Spirit Team

Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, oh my! There’s a lot of differing information out there, but everyone is in agreement on one thing: your Spirit Team is here to help you and guide you along your way. This week, I will briefly take you through a who’s who of these amazing helpers and what part they can play in your pre-birth planning process. For the sake of time, I’ve narrowed your Spirit Team down to a few of the main types of guides you’ll encounter: Spirit Guides, Angels, Spirit Animals, Guardians, and Ancestors.  This is by no means everyone you will run into, but it’s a great place to start.

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Your Soul's Blueprint

The Soul’s Blueprint is something that is designed when we are between incarnations. Many people call this our “life between lives”.  So much happens in our “life between lives”, but for this series we are just going to look at the planning stage that happens prior to us incarnating into a body. I refer to it as the Pre-Birth Planning stage, but I’m sure there are many other names out there for it. 

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