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Room by Room: A Soul Tarot Layout

I’ve been going back and forth with what I wanted to do for an oracle or tarot layout for the Spring Energy Clearing Series. I’ve focused a lot on the “space” or “environment” part of clearing, but haven’t given much attention to figuring out what needs to be cleared from the energetic side of life.  This layout is all about discovery and digging deeper. It’s about finding what needs to shift and what is working for you.

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De-clutter Your House, De-clutter Your Life

How in the world does cleaning and de-cluttering my house do anything for my soul or the blocks in my life? Our beings are intimately connected to our surroundings. I’m a firm believer that your house can reflect what is happening to you on a soul level. Is your personal space messy and crazy and all over? Chances are you have had a crazy week and haven’t taken the time to take care of it. Chances are even better you haven’t taken the time to take care of yourself either.

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Spring Energy Clearing

Everything is made of energy and has its own specific frequency.  Rocks, trees, animals, everything— including you.  You are made up of energy and have your own personal vibration that is unique to you. It’s been referred to as the “luminous energy field” by Alberto Villoldo, the “human energy field” by Barbara Ann Brennan, Prana, Ch’i, aura and the list goes on. The important take away is this: You are more than just your physical body. Your energy field extends beyond your physical self and is affected by everything that surrounds you.

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Enhancing Your Relationship with Soul Tarot

Valentine’s Day always bring a wealth of articles about how to attract your soulmate or find true love. Find love if you do this—find love if you do that. While well meaning, they fail to mention what to do with this love once you have found it. How do you make that love grow? How do you make it deeper and more rich? How can you support each other in the relationship?

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December 5th: Tapping Into Your Inner Strength

Knight of Stones ~ Horse & Desert Vision Quest It’s time to stop and take a break. This week calls for time spent alone either meditating or praying. Why? Your inner strength has been challenged by stress, anxiety and fear and you need to take the time to re-focus on your True North. You can’t do this surrounded by the noise and bustle of the Holiday Season.

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Day Twenty One: Coming from the Place of the Heart

21 days went by really fast—or really slow depending on which day you asked me on. When I started this idea to positively change social media, I was coming from a place of discourgaement, hurt, and sadness. I needed to move out of my mind and the anxiety I had and into my heart space. What better way to do that, than focus on all the good and positive things that were out there? So really this challenge was developed because i NEEDED something to keep me moving forward. And you know what? It worked.

Everyday I made an effort (for at least the length of time it took me to write the article) to move into my heart space and out of my head. I would sit and ask myself, “What do I need to hear today? What do I need to know?” and then I would begin writing.

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Day Twenty: Dreaming Our World

What is your vision for your life? For the world? Many shamanic healers believe we dream our world/our reality into existence. Think about that for a moment. Not only can we dream and visualize positive things into our lives, but every thought or idea or judgement or assumption creates our reality, as well. Every. One.

That’s huge. Now look around you. Look at your life.....

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